K-P Police Brutally Tortures Man – Parades Him Naked & Films The Entire Ordeal

Brutal kp police

The police culture in Pakistan is famous for dealing brutally with the culprits. A guy in a viral video started abusing police officers and while he was apparently drunk. Consequently, days after Kyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) police apprehended him and made him pay what he did savagely.

The saga starts, when a guy named, Amir abused SHO’s DSP, SSP operation along with other police officers in a video. Following this KP police arrested Amir and made him marched naked on the premises of a police station. Sady another video came out, in Which Amir was shown apologizing to the cops.

Here’s the first video in which Amir abused the police officials.

In the following video, Amir is apologizing for his act.

In the video, Amir said, “All the officers whom I abused are like my father. I am sorry, I will never make such a mistake again.” He continued, “Human being doesn’t understand easily.”

In short, Amir asked for forgiveness and apparently cried.

Police gardi in K-P

Pakistan is driven by Islam principles. Hence, as Islam teaches,  the country considers humanity first. However, certain segments in Pakistani society and particularly in Police reach to any extent to inflict barbarism.

In the video, it is evident that the police officials made Amir marched naked in the police station. They also thrashed him.

Following this, SSP operation has taken the notice. He has suspended involved policemen.

Meanwhile, people on social media are demanding justice for Amir.

‘K-P Police have crossed all their limits’

‘People should raise voice’

It is pathetic!

Here’s the SHO

Above all, both Amir and KP police officials made mistakes. However, making Amir naked and torturing him is not ethical and beyond humanity. Although there are people like DIG Faislabad in Police who serve humanity, yet such black sheep –KP police officials–in police are tarnishing the whole image of Police.

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