Pakistani Man Who Has Been Feeding Stray Animals For 40 Years Expects Rewards In Afterlife

Pakistani Feeds Animals

An old aged man in Pakistan feels that feeding the stray and sharing love with animals is a good deed, for which one might be rewarded a place in Heaven. Wow! If there is anything to be inspired by its this. Ghulam has been feeding the stray animals of his locality from dawn to evening.

Who is this Angel?

Ghulam Hussain is an old aged man who owns an artificial jewelry business. He believes that one should be good to all living beings, from the straying dogs to the crawling ants. Mr. Ghulam has four children who he says are all married and now he lives alone. He believes that death is inevitable and one should never forget that we all belong to ALLAH. Recently during an interview, he said,

“When I leave home they go with me”. 

Pakistani-Man-Feeding-Animals-40 years

Image: Daily Pakistan

How he does so?

As interesting as it is, he also gave us insight if he isn’t able to find food from hotels he cooks up flatbreads and Paratha at homes for his animal friends. Otherwise, he looks for food from restaurants and hotels that are going to go to waste. His message to the world is:

“Love all and live life by helping animals, life is short you never know which deed of yours will help you in your afterlife”. 

Pakistani Man Feeding Animals 40 years

Image:Daily Pakistan

It is moving to see Ghulam Hussain’s faith in Allah. He says that every morning as he wakes up for Fajar, he feels that his Lord is telling him to go and help the animals, to feed them and take care of them. If that isn’t moving, we don’t know what is. He hopes that all his animal friends pray for him and he gets a reward in Heaven.

We salute your passion and commitment to Allah. We pray Allah blesses you with His countless blessings. Surely, a kind and generous soul as he deserves to be known and respected. We hope that many admire him and follow him in taking care of animals.

Story Credit: Daily Pakistan 

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