Virus, What Virus! This Is How Pakistanis Screwed Up Self-Isolation Drive

pakistan self isolation

Pakistan’s war against the Novel Coronavirus still wages on. As of now, the Sindh government has been quite triumphant in imposing a comprehensive lockdown. With people falling victim to this mephitic virus, and no conscientious vaccine as a remedy, the government promulgates that the only way to defeat the virus is self-quarantine.

Nevertheless, it seems that these instructions do not transpire to perforate into the minds of some people. How? You will get to know by the end of this article.


pakistan self isolation

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Dealing With Coronavirus

On the order of Sindh Chief Minister, Syed Murad Ali Shah, the province is observing a lockdown amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Countries like China, Italy, and some other states of Europe and the United States have also tried similar lockdowns to tackle the virus.

However, some people in Pakistan are not contemplating this advice seriously, because some of them are still busy scouring the streets, as per routine and we have evidence for it.

Twitter user Salaar Khan recently posted a tweet, where it is seen that how locals are busy enjoying a cockfighting game.

Meanwhile, there were reports that how a man just back from Iran defied the quarantine in Sukkur. In the same facility that was allocated for coronavirus suspects, he mingled with his friends and even took selfies. So much for social distancing and lockdown.

Despite the implementation of the lockdown at midnight, Karachiites are still roaming the streets. As if the lockdown is not enough to alarm them.

And, some even enjoyed Halwapuri during self-isolation times.

One thing is for sure, that Pakistanis as a nation never ceases to surprise.


And, here is another example.

Curbing COVID-19

Huzaifa Rohail tweets, this is what happens if you don’t follow the laws.

And, another one.

It is up to us to pick what is good and what is bad for us. If countries like China can control coronavirus through self-isolation, so can we. Some patience and Pakistan will be corona-free soon

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