Sindh Police In Action And Social Media Can’t Handle It

Karachi Lockdown

The whole world including Pakistan is witnessing chaos due to COVID-19. Countries are making efforts to hamper the contagious pandemic. Recently, the Sindh government imposed a lockdown. Some heartening images and videos from Karachi are going viral on social media after the shutdown of the city.

Recently, Shanza Faiq, a civil servant of the foreign service of Pakistan on her official twitter handle shared some amusing pictures of the Sindh Police.

The pictures depict some eight policemen holding placards, sharing a rousing message. Moreover, the placards say, “Remember, It’s Care For You, Not Curfew.” Sweet, isn’t it?

Karachi Lockdown

Source: Twitter

In the current uncertain scenario, the Sindh police certainly brought smiles on many faces despite the grammatical and structural issues. The lockdown in Sindh was launched last night after the province felt it difficult to deal with the increasing number of corona cases.

The picture stirred joy and fun among the masses

People on social media platforms reacted joyously to the picture of the Sindh Police. Moreover, many admired them while others could not make a sense out of the message on the placards.

HAHA! yes it is quite perplexing

 NO, NO! you aren’t the only one


English is an official language?

If You Don’t take the Lockdown Seriously!

Day-1 of the lockdown in Karachi brought several reactions on social media. One viral video exhibits how the police are treating those who ignored the lockdown.

Karachi Lockdown

Source: ET

The guy in the video must have thought that the lockdown is just a random exercise and nothing serious. However, after getting beaten by the police, he should have known the seriousness of it.

Credit goes to the law enforcement officials in Sindh, particularly in Karachi, for establishing a successful lockdown in the city. It was certainly not easy.

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