Nasir Khan Jan Is Owning Twitter By Trolling ‘Aunties’ And The Internet Is Impressed!

Nasir Khan Jan is a famous social media entertainer. He got the recognition from his YouTube videos. Whether you like him or you don’t, his courage of accepting and celebrating himself is totally admirable. In the fake, fake world of ours, he has proudly been himself without caring about “loug kya kahynge.”

NKJ belives in “kuch tu loug kahyn ge, Logo ka kam hy kehna .” And he makes sure to give them something to talk about. Even though he has been ridiculed, trolled, called names and was talked down on live TV, he’s still not coming slow. And amazingly, the number of people who respect his choice is increasing.

So, here’s what happened on Twitter:

Nasir Khan Jan posted a haraaaam picture of himself:

And got the reaction he intended for:


And more…

As expected, he got the unsolicited advice from an aunty

In a typical aunty style, like, beta kuch to maa baap ki izzat ka khyal karo. The so called philanthropist, feminist and what not aunty told NKJ beta, don’t post your nude pictures on social media because haraaam. (Ok, she said that with fancy words).

And NKJ has got the perfect answer to the moral police aunty:

Aunty wanted him to not post nude pictures on social media, because you know, it was hurting her eyes. And NKJ had a savage reply,

And Twitter loved him for trolling her back!

Because seriously man, who hasn’t been a victim to the aunty advice?

The aunties will start off with innocent kitni/ kitney dubli/moti hogai hu, and go on to question everything from your choice of clothing to friends to studies. They want to know it all as to why aren’t you married? Why are you married? They will tell you how awfully wrong choices you have made for your career unlike her pappu.

So naturally, we loved NKJ for the big six!

Khushi k ansu hain, bhai !!!

Now, the trolls were quick to point out Aunty’s not so halal outfit :

She tried again and failed again:



NKJ 1: Aunty 0

It is funny how we are quick to judge people, giving out uncalled for advice is our national hobby. And most of the time, it doesn’t come with good intention. It’s mostly like how I am so pure and sophisticated, religious, educated, fashionable anything and everything better than you, and therefore, I am appointed by God himself to teach you how you should live your life (with a disapproving nod and a sympathetic tone of voice).

Let’s just live and let live, and thrive like Nasir Khan Jan 😉

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