HOT ALERT! Met Dept Predicts Heatwave In Karachi From Today

heatwave in karachi

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has issued a heatwave warning for the Karachi citizens. In the next three to four days it has been expected that the temperature will rise to 43-degree celsius.

PMD has predicted that the heatwave will grip the Karachi city from today and which will last at least four days.

“The PMD predicts heatwave in Karachi and its suburbs from May 5 to 8, 2020. The maximum temperature can rise to 40-42C or sometimes 43C. Wind flow will be generally from Northwest/West turning to Southwest in the evening during these days,” said Sardar Sarfraz, Chief meteorological officer of the department.

JUST IN: Chief Meteorologist Karachi said that during 5 to 8 May, mercury can rise up to 42 °C & the sea breeze will remain suspended in Karachi. Take care everyone. #heatwave #Karachi #WeatherUpdate #TimesOfKarachi

Gepostet von The Times of Karachi am Montag, 4. Mai 2020

The PMD added that hot and humid weather is expected in Karachi during the next 24 hours.

He said conditions in the Arabian Sea would result in the suspension of the sea breeze towards Karachi. It would increase the temperature in the port city and its surrounding areas. Sarfraz also warned people to stay inside their homes and in case of emergency cover your head while going out.

Health officials also said that the heatwave was expected in the month of Ramazan. People should avoid going into the sunlight while fasting as it could result in the loss of water and minerals from the body. It could be harmful, especially for those who were elderly and sick.

PMD officials said proper measures should be adopted to ensure that no untoward incident happens and people remained safe during the four-day heatwave.


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