Turks Celebrate Pak-Turkey Friendship With Leo Twins’ ‘Ertugrul’ Title-Track Cover

ertugrul cover leo

The Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi fever in Pakistan continues to run rampant. Since PM Imran Khan announced that PTV will be airing Ertugrul dubbed in Urdu, Pakistan has fallen in love with the show.

Previously, the show was being aired on Netflix and other streaming services, but not in Urdu. However, since the start of Ramadan, PTV has been airing one episode of Erutgrul daily. And the feedback has been nothing short of amazing.

Pakistanis have fallen in love with the show, the content, the characters, and even the title track. To pay a rich tribute to the trending show, one of Pakistan’s most renowned musician duos, the Leo Twins upped their game as well. Haroon and Sharoon performed a cover of the Erutgrul title track with different musical instruments.

Here’s the soothing Ertugrul Ghazi cover by Leo Twins

The soothing Etrugrul title track cover by Leo Twins was so good, that it attracted Turkish attention as well. Turks on Twitter absolutely fell in love with the cover of the track, letting Pakistanis know how much they appreciate it.

This tweet by Ali Sahin in Turkish states: “in Pakistan, the Ertugrul hurricane continues to blow. Pakistani violin and guitar twins Haroon and Sharoon perform Diriliş Ertuğrul interpreted background music in their own style. Congratulations!.”

Once the video made it to social media, Pakistanis and Turks celebrated the beautiful cover together. Not only were they happy that Muslim heritage was being shared via a tv show, but how close the bond is as well.

Turks react to Leo Twins’ Erutgrul cover

Moreover, many were happy how PM Imran Khan’s bond with Recep Teyyep Erdogan helped bring the show to Pakistan. Thus, together, both countries can celebrate their history instead of the West.

The mind-blowing Ertugrul cover is raking in thousands of views on different platforms. The Leo Twins have been famous for their unorthodox covers using many different instruments. Moreover, both Haroon and Sharoon are very humble artists who only work to make great music.

As for this particular cover, the combination of the rabab, violin, and guitars give Dirilis Ertugrul’s title track a new feeling altogether. Let’s hope this dynamic duo continues to produce more heartwarming music together. All in all, airing Ertugrul dubbed in Urdu on PTV was a great move!

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