“That’s The Future OF Car”-Mercedes-Benz EQS & It’s Features

When it comes to electric cars only one title comes to mind and that’s none other than Tesla cars. Car manufacturers understood that electric cars might the futuristic approach to target the audience and that’s the whole truth.

Mercedes one of the finest car manufacturers developed the most electrifying automobile that signifies the next generation. “MERCEDES-BENZ EQS” the top-notch luxurious car with unbelievable features, that no one expected to have in a car.

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For those who might be thinking, that it’s something new in terms of design and everything. The whole design holds S-Class Sedan look from outside and that’s what makes it big.

Mercedes didn’t go with the minimalistic look, just like Elon Musk did with his Tesla Model 3 and that’s not the style of Mercedes.

For that people forget about the statement made by German writer “completely cleared black-washed Bauhaus living room.”

The real picture begins from the inside, where all the futuristic car experience starts.

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Uncountable USB C ports, largest screen, and high-end features that legit make Mercedes-Benz EQS luxurious. The car will hit the market in Spring, but on the 15th of April, the revelation takes place.

Mercedez-Benz EQS Features & Tech

The interior gives you endless compartments, modifications, or say customization to enhance the care experience as per your mood.

One of the most highlighting things inside this car, the LED Lights, that holds the customization as per speed and mood.

Back seat people also get the chance to change the lights into the reading mode with light cone size, that’s simply ridiculous.

But the level of customization surely insane and that blows everyone’s mind out.

Mercedes promised to deliver the most promising fully tech functional car, which let the user experience high tech in every way the moment the driver steps inside the car.

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One of the coolest tech features heads up display that shows you the speed limit and the navigation when you reach the corner the bar gets wider, direct in the right direction.

YES! Eight Ports that lets passengers to charge their devices and two mini HDMI ports at the back seat. Two wireless chargers one at the front and the second at the back inside the armrest.

Talking about tech, in this car, every passenger will get their screen to utilize the media from it. Two screens for the driver, another screen for the person sitting beside the driver, and two screens at the back.

Fun fact, if there’s another person, don’t worry because the headset holding a legit Samsung Tablet S4 inside and no one sees it coming.

Luxurious Mercedes-Benz EQS

As mentioned above, it’s not just an ordinary car and that’s where the word luxury enters. The seats themselves give an immersive experience.

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Every seat in the Mercedes-Benz EQS holds the heated, ventilated, and fully adjustable. The interesting thing about the two front seats, that it consists of two built-in massagers and that’s something no one’s offering.

The seats have specific commands, meaning the car knows which seats have people in them and which people are sitting in which seats.

The car has profiles, meaning anyone can log into it and the car itself set everything according to that profile.

The car has it’s highly functional bluetooth connectivity and lets every individual to utilize it.

Even the voice commands work ridiculously insane, like if the back passenger asks to change the music, then the Car A.I recognize the specific command from that passenger and do it.

With all these high-tech features, Mercedes-Benz EQS undoubtedly falls in the court of next-generation electric cars in every manner. Because producing just an electric car, that doesn’t mean you fulfilled the satisfaction of the customer. It’s not just an electric car, it holds everything that a car and tech lover desire to have.

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