Meet The 8-Years-Old Pakistani YouTuber Ahmad Sheraz Talib Who Is Sharing Islamic Stories In The Cutest Way!

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Yes! This is the YouTube generation. It might seem foreign to the adults but for kids, YouTube is as important as their toys are. Even our toddlers are so much hooked to watch that sometimes they even refuse to finish their food without watching anything. It seems ridiculous but that’s true. Alot of mothers reading can relate to this. We as parents cannot isolate them but it’s important to have adequate parental control in place.

On YouTube, there is a huge amount of videos which are adult-themed parodies of kids famous cartoons. Their thumbnails are easily fooling fragile minds of our kids. A lot of inappropriate stuff. So to avoid nasty shocks and surprises lets expose them to the content which is safe, informative as well as entertaining.

Here we want to share efforts of our very own Pakistani 8 years old little YouTuber Ahmad Sheraz Talib. He is a budding talent targeting little kids of his own age. It is very exciting for kids to watch what others kids do and thinks and that inspires them alot. Ahmad’s infotainment channel comprises a mixture of different relatable segments from Prophetic stories to arts and crafts. From the understanding of small hadiths and Sunnah related to our daily lives to enjoyable vlogs.

He aims to create a happy hour for his little fellows. It is just the beginning. Let this flower bloom, so does hope of a positive mind. Subscribe to his channel and encourage the little YouTube to create more and more for our kids.

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