A Hand Towards Humanity – This Pakistani Guy Is Taking A Step Forward To Help Needy Families

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Nowadays, we spend so much money on smartphones, wonderful clothes, luxuries for our ease. Go to big malls, restaurants and throw parties. But everywhere, while on our way, while entering those malls and restaurants, we see people that are trying to make a living by beggary and offering services like cleaning shoes, selling stories or coloring books or flowers and such to which we usually think that “Bhai hum to bare hogaye hain, humein ku yeh books dhka rahy ho?“.

But, do we ever give this all a thought at the end of the day? Do we ever think as a grown up and feel what caused these little kids, old fathers, and mothers to go out and earn like this? Or have we ever thought about the needy neighbors we have and how they earn their living or cover their expenses? Unfortunately, in this fast-paced world, we don’t and that is the bitter truth of the present world right now. As a good human being, it is our responsibility too, to take care of other people especially the ones who are needy, but they would never say.

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I, myself have gone through tough times. Times where I lost my father. Times where our supplies and sources were limited. When we had less to cover our liabilities, so less that we had to think twice about how we would cover our mother’s medicine along with bringing food to the table. But with keen faith in Lord, we survived, we survived it all because as they say “Lord is always at work for the good of everyone who loves him” and one way to reach Lord, is to help and serve his people.

I really learned from that phase of life alot and the biggest thing that I learned from it, is to never give up and never forget about the ones around you. Friends, families, neighbors, relatives, everyone. As a human being, it is our responsibility to look after them as well. For solely this cause, I, along with a few of my friends put our heads together, we got into people, met alot of our friends and mutually with a small set of people whom I call “The Family” came into being with the aim to help the needy and we aim it to be for the well-being of not just one or two, but for the entire society.

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We made a pact that the money we receive would neither be Zakat, nor Sadqa, but only for the sake of Allah and only for helping our dear brothers and sisters out there. And Alhamdulillah with the grace of the Lord, by far we have been the support of some families in their ration and medical support even whilst being a small set of people.

We are well aware that this vision we have, and the platform we are trying to build, is not as easy as it sounds because we have a lot of people and families around us in need of support. We want to help as much as we can and to as many as we can by the platform we have aimed for. With our little attempts and open hearts, we want to change someone’s life every day and make it easier and we believe that everyone can be of great help in achieving that. You can all play your part in helping the community. It is not just about contributing, but also spreading the word.

Below is a link to our group on social media. Please do visit and share it and invite other people to our group and help us grow and that will be “your”little help to the community that can make a great difference. We want to convey this message to all of my brothers and sisters out there so that our collaborative efforts can be done in an organized way because together we can support these families financially after accumulating an appropriate amount on monthly basis.

Nothing is easy, but everything is possible. These difficult roads will lead to beautiful destinations. Because here, you have the wheels.

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