Pakistani YouTubers – Why you should become one

Pakistani YouTubers - Why you should become one

YouTube has become a huge part of our everyday lives. Whatever we want to learn from economics to how to workout we go to YouTube for it! It is something we cannot avoid and this has proven to be a perfect opportunity for so many people. This platform has allowed a lot of individuals to be financially free and that too doing what they love.

Although, YouTube is a highly saturated market and some may even tell you to not enter it. I am here to tell you that this shouldn’t stop you from entering the YouTube atmosphere. As a Pakistani you might think that it might be a waste of time but that is not the case. If you have a passion for video making, working out, commentary, Vlogs or anything that your heart desires you can make money from it by posting it on YouTube.

It could be frustrating to open up your channel and start posting. You wont get views from the start and you wont be able to make money right away; and Pakistanis are impatient and we need quick results. Well, no need to worry I will tell you exactly what to expect from YouTube and how and why you should start your own channel.

Each of the following headings will tell you a WHY and a HOW

Earn money

One of the biggest why’s you can find is that you will be able to earn money and that is the main reason why a lot of people start as YouTube. Money is a good motivator and a lot of YouTubers make a handsome living.

It is motivating when you receive your first cheque from YouTube. But it will take you time to receive your first cheque and that can be demotivating. You put in time and effort in your videos and when you don’t receive payments you give up. That is exactly the time you need to stay consistent and true to your art.

Having real expectations for your videos is one of the most important thing you can have as a YouTuber. This will allow you to keep making content and moving forward. You just need to monetize your videos and adsense will do the rest.

Do what you love

Source: Irfan Junejo’s YouTube Channel

This is one of the best part of becoming a YouTuber. A lot of YouTubers have taken what they love and started incorporating them into their channels. When they couldn’t support themselves through other means doing what they were passionate for. YouTube came in and gave them all a platform for sharing their love with the world, along with making money.

Whether you love to hike, snowboard, vlog, dance or even eat, people will see you do all of those things with pleasure. It is a spectrum where everyone watches everything.

You just need to figure out what you are passionate about and then just start making videos.

Less saturation in Pakistani YouTube

Pakistani YouTubers have it easy in this there are not many youtubers in our market. So, it is easier to get recognized and viewed, especially if you have a unique concept. As a Pakistani right now is the right time to start doing YouTube. Since people have gotten familiar with the platform in Pakistan and there are not many Pakistani Youtubers currently.

Furthermore, there are many concepts and ideas which are untapped in the Pakistani YouTube scene so this gives you a wider range of content. You can easily research on which concepts are hot in the market internationally and apply them for Pakistan. This is exactly how many big YouTubers in Pakistan have made it.

For example, DuckyBhai uses the concept of Leafyishere. Irfan Junejo has the concept of Vlog popularized by Casey Neistat. Then there are your basic sketch channels like The idiots, Mansaals and bekaar films. All of them saw a platform and jumped to it, you can do the same.

Community Building

Every YouTuber has their own little community of fans and or subscribers, a lot of times each individuals have a name for their fans. This is one of the most appealing things about YouTube, having people to talk to and listen to. In the starting you need to make engaging content to build your community and get a proper number. Afterwards, you can even just talk in front of the camera and all is cool.  At this point you have a community that are their for you and not just for your content. You can get real with them and talk about your life; people love knowing what their role model’s life is like, it makes them more human.

Each of the Pakistani YouTubers I have mentioned above have separate communities and each of them have actually sat down and talked to their viewers and they listened. This is one of the warmest and best feeling you could have as a person, having people to talk to and then having them respond as well. It is instant gratification and it allows you to have a new view on life. The only thing you need to look at is, to not change with all the fame coming your way!

Instant Feedback

Source: WikiHow

This is a good and a bad feature but it definitely is a must have feature. It is bad due to the fact that the internet produces a lot of trolls, which means that there will be hate. You would just have to get used to people cussing, calling you gay and weirdly getting offended because you like Sprite and not 7UP (This is my favorite). Regardless, it doesn’t matter how bad people can be, the comment section of YouTube allows good people who appreciate your efforts and content to voice their opinions as well. This gives you instant gratification and allows you to see who is watching you and even allows you to interact with them, creating a strong fan base.

These are all the reasons I could muster up on why you should be a YouTuber. You have nothing to lose you can just pick up your camera phone and make your first video. So, if you do what you love, stay consistent and listen to your fans you will be internet famous in no time. Who knows maybe in a year or two it would be you battling PewDiePie for the YouTube throne instead of T-Series.

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