Meera Reads Another Script, Requests Trolls Not To Make Fun Of Her

meera in new york

Pakistani actress Meera has claimed she has been stranded in New York due to the coronavirus outbreak. After appealing to Prime Minister Imran Khan to help her return home, she has now released another video for his fans.

In her video, Meera appealed to PM Khan to arrange for her repartition as she was helpless in America where coronavirus has taken thousands of lives. The video went viral and people came up with their own take on Meera’s stay in New York. Some people also predicted that she had contracted coronavirus and it’s better if she stays there.

However, reacting to all the negativity and comments on social media, Meera has once again come to her own rescue. In her new video, she was seen requesting her fans [reading another script] not to make fun of her situation.

“I requested PM Khan to help me return back home as it was my primary right being a Pakistani. However, many people try to create controversy out of it which is not right,” she said.

She added, “I am very thankful to Consulate General Pakistan New York, who is helping me out in this situation. This is not the right time to make fun of someone’s emotions. More than 500 people have passed away due to coronavirus in New York in the past 24 hours. I am terrified of the news. I want to come back home to help coronavirus patients in Pakistan.”

Meera staged the video for publicity?

The video might have been staged by the actor. According to a report by Express Tribune, she is not stuck in a hotel room in NYC but under quarantine with her alleged husband Captain Naveed Pervaiz. Not just that, the duo has also reportedly been seen having fun amid a short, chit-chat session with Maria Wasti and Resham on a WhatsApp call.

The video itself was not shot in a hotel room either. The hotel room is actually a room in Naveed’s house.

Meera also claimed that she had arrived in the US with some fellow actors including Humayun Saeed, who returned to Pakistan earlier in March. However, some sources also revealed that she never traveled with them.

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‘God Bless America’

Another video of Meera is now going viral in which she thanked PTI leader Zafar Cheema for helping her during the ‘difficult’ time. But instead of thanking Pakistan, she said ‘God bless America’ (bizarre) at the end of the video. Well, don’t know if she is lying about the situation or not but all this seems like a good publicity stunt by her during this ongoing crisis.

Meere is not new to such controversies. She stays in headlines with her roasting tweets, controversial statements, or fake controversies. She enjoys getting social media attention as Meera knows that people don’t ever stop trolling her. We wonder if she just being a drama queen again.


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