Mawra Hocane Was Trolled By Pakistanis For Posting This Hilarious Tweet Last Night!

PSL’s final had everyone on their toes. Cricket fanatics from all around the world were geared to watch the finale of one of the most amazing tournaments in present day cricket. What made the final of PSL’s 2nd edition even more exciting was how it took place in Pakistan.

Zinda-dilane Lahore, alongside other Pakistanis, who traveled from different parts of the country, just couldn’t control their joy.

Viewers watching the match from home were all ready to see the return of international cricket on the turf of Lahore. Seems like Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane was pretty excited about the final match as well.

She was so excited that she wrote a hilarious tweet… which seemed like a blunder later on!

And the internet, obviously, forgives no one!


A Bit Too Harsh?


Co Corry…



With everyone trolling her, Mawra tweeted this:

Kudos to our trolling awam for coming up with the best tweets and giving us all a great laugh. In all seriousness, these trolls are much better than seeing those who spread hatred over petty issues. Also, Mawra took the trolling pretty lightly as well.

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