Our Desi Gora Alan Wilkins Spoke Some Fluent Urdu And Got

Our Desi Gora Alan Wilkins Spoke Some Fluent Urdu And Got Us Emotional During The PSL Final

This year’s PSL was a kaleidoscope of enchanting moments that we cannot stop talking about. It was not only narrowed between two teams competing against each other. It was simply more than that and those who eagerly followed the tournament must know it.

Source: The Indian Express

Source: The Indian Express

We could not get enough of the behind-the-scenes moments and crazy banter during games in PSL. We witnessed some of the best moments that tantalized our emotions, set us on the run for a nervous, exciting and enthralling experience.

There are many things to count when you consider all the great moments that made PSL special for us. Even our official commentators played a vital role in keeping the atmosphere warm. You must have heard of Danny Morrison and Alan Wilkins, most prominent commentators of PSL this year.


Indeed, they have done a commendable job in commentary alone. But we rather love them for the added humor and crazy antics they repeatedly did throughout PSL.

Alan, who appealed to our hearts for trying to speak fluent Urdu was in the mood last night to speak all he could.




Oh, Alan Wilkins, our desi goray, you, your Urdu and your commentary were extremely missed last night during the PSL Final in Lahore. Hoping to see you back in the 3rd installment of PSL.

Congratulations to Peshawar Zalmi for winning the Pakistan Super League season 2 and hope that the rest of the teams return stronger for next year’s edition. Till next time!

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