Mashal Khan And Ahmed Ali Akbar In Parizad Are IT For Us!

Mashal Khan Ahmed Ali Akbar Parizad

Parizad, a TV series airing on Hum TV, is slowly but surely making an impression. Honestly, I am not one for weekly trials and tribulations but my mother’s viewing choices may have finally convinced me.

Following the story of a young man called Parizad – played by Ahmed Akbar – the series follows him as he struggles with issues with body image, class discrimination, and toxic masculinity. Parizad is a good guy.

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He is sensitive, well-meaning, and writes poetry – sounds like a complete package, doesn’t he? Except no. He has awful luck in love, possibly due to his timid personality and consequent insecurities.

The women he seems to like or is expected to like, often ditch him for one reason or the other. However, all that changes when….

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Lubna makes an entrance. Mashal Khan takes on the role of Lubna, a young woman who studies at the same university as Parizad.

The two come together rather predictably (bumping into each other in the hallway). And for once, it turns out that Parizad has met a nice girl and I want to invest in shipping Parizad and Lubna. Here’s why:

Lubna/Mashal Khan is a literature buff! She is working on an Urdu adaptation of Othello when she comes across Parizad reciting Urdu poetry.

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While it’s not love at first sight, Mashal’s subtle expressions are absolutely on point here. She has found a man who will help make her production of Othello better. We stan a woman who surrounds herself with people who will raise her up!

Lubna is also the inclusive Queen we need on Pakistani television! She makes it clear to Parizad that the class differences are pretty 2000 and late!

Mashal’s acting, accent, and body language are pretty much on point for the upper class but her politics is inclusive and non-discriminatory. She does not let socio-economic differences get in the way of their friendship.

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Lubna can take a stand! When her mother points out the obvious differences between her and Parizad, she is quick to put an end to such drivel.

What we see in Mashal’s character is a strong goal-oriented woman who is not afraid to appreciate a man who is sensitive, poetic, and possibly not the stereotypical Pakistani male.

Needless to say, Mashal’s urban-chic style is on point for the character she is playing. And those smiling eyes remind us why she is Pakistan’s prettiest girl next door and a glam queen at the same time.

I certainly hope we get to see more of Mashal’s character Lubna in Parizad. It is a breath of fresh air! For once the angraizi speaking, goal-oriented girl is shown in a positive light.

Characters like Mashal Khan’s in Parizad need more screen time to finally help us wash off toxic stereotypes of femininity.

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