Maryam Nawaz Shared an Emotional Tweet About Kulsoom Nawaz’s Health and Pakistanis Trolled her

There’s one thing Pakistanis are extremely passionate about and that’s politics. When they get their political interests on, they become extremely biased towards the political party they support. With their interests as the main priority, they will do whatever it takes to throw shade at the opposition parties.

Similar is happening in the case of PMLN followers and every other Pakistani political opposition.

Pakistanis are well-aware of the health Kulsoom Nawaz, Nawaz Shareef’s wife. She has been taken abroad due to her health conditions numerous times. A lot of times, Pakistanis have mocked the Shareef family for using Kulsoom Nawaz’s health as a getaway card for Nawaz Shareef and Maryam Nawaz.

Similar Thing Happened this Time When Maryam Nawaz Shared a Heartfelt Post

A Few Days Ago, Maryam Nawaz Shared that her Mother has Been Hospitalized Again

The yesterday she made another tweet.

She tweeted how it had been a while she hadn’t seen her mother while making a prayer for Kulsoom Nawaz and all the other mothers in the world.

Here’s What People Started Tweeting:

Some Started Bringing Politics

PTI Ones Joined Quickly

Others Said How Heartless It Was of Maryam Nawaz to Leave her Mother for 5 Months

There Were Some Well-Wishers As Well

And Here’s Some Controversy

Regardless of the political differences, one should be kind enough to make a heartfelt prayer for someone, no matter what sort of rivals they are.

Kulsoom Nawaz does look ill and unhealthy indeed. Please keep your political agendas aside.

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