WATCH: Pakistani Man Lies Under Moving Train To Win Rs. 500 Bet

man lying railway track

Lately, a video has been circulating over social media, showing a Pakistani man lying on a railway track, as the train speeds over him. While the whole nation is praying for safety from the Coronavirus, some people are busy doing stunts, risking their lives at the same time.

Nearly half a month has passed by, with Pakistanis under complete lockdown due to the Coronavirus. With the day to day activity and work halted by, people are praying that this crisis ends soon.

Meanwhile, for some people, every day is like the same whatsoever. Demonstrating their feeble and ignorant minds, through such acts, these people are certainly the reason this nation never fails to surprise us.

As of now, the Coronavirus has infected more than 4,000 people resulting in 58 deaths.

Pakistani for a reason

Owing to the video, it highlights a bunch of demented people from Sahiwal cheering and recording a gullible feat, performed by an even more insane fellow.

With his friends hooting aside, this man lies promptly underneath a freight train, passing at great speed just inches above his head. As the train passes by, the man stands up and is congratulated for embracing the harm’s way to amuse others. From the ongoing chanting, it proves that the man had an ongoing bet to win. For which he puts his life on massive risk.

Following this dumb act, the local police of Sahiwal district arrested the person and his companions, present at the scene.

According to the news reports, an FIR is lodged against the group at Ghali Mandi police, under Section 325 of CrPC.

Violating rules of isolation

Apart from putting their lives at risk, these people are actually violating the rules of isolation. With the government hell-bent on making people stay at home, gatherings like these are making it easy for the virus to transmit at pace.

On the alternative, people staying at homes are no different in portraying their insanity. Despite using this lockdown period to enhance productivity. Some mindless individuals are busy risking their lives.

For starters, a California based influencer, Larz recently uploaded his video of licking a toilet seat. According to him, he was conducting a reckless challenge, which involves doing this unhealthy activity, whilst mocking the deadly pandemic.

Unfortunately, challenges like these have increased since the lockdown started. Mostly we can observe social media platforms flooding with idiotic videos like these. What we fail to realize is the gravity of the situation, and how important is it for us to take precautionary measures and not gamble with our lives.


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