9 Times Living On The Edge Made You Lose Faith In Humanity

If, after witnessing the sheer stupidity of humanity, you still have hope for them, you probably don’t wanna read this article. Because the following people don’t just look stupid. They look completely ridiculous.

Let me give you an analogy. There are stupid people. Then there are potatoes. Then there is a cat being chased by a mouse. Then there are people who think the earth is flat and then there’s Donald Trump.

source: youtube.com

source: www.youtube.com

No, I wasn’t joking about the cat

The Unexpected Occurs

We didn’t think anyone could be stupider than that but then we saw a show on TV called Living on the Edge, hosted by Pakistani television host, VJ and stunt performer from Karachi, Waqar Zaka.

waqar zaka

Source: www.youtube.com

 No, he isn’t a druggie. Or maybe he is. I don’t really know. 

What the show entails

The premise of the show is that the more daring you are, the further you’re gonna progress. Which doesn’t sound so bad until you realize what is entailed by the so-called dares. The following are examples of the dares given to people and what exactly made them so stupid.

Breaking matkas over your head

Source: www.youtube.com

Source: www.youtube.com

I don’t get it. It literally says “do not attempt” but these guys are picking up matkas and smashing them over their heads like there’s no tomorrow.

Smashing open a coconut with your head

Source: www.youtube.com

Source: www.youtube.com

I don’t get what is so daring about this. It’s just mere stupidity at this point. Not even mere, actually. Extraordinary stupidity. Stupidity that should be a crime.

More coconut smashing

coconut guys

Source: www.youtube.com

They should change the name of the show from “Living on the Edge” to “Hitting on the Head” because that’s what it looks like people are doing half the time.

Dancing in roller blades?

Source: www.youtube.com

Source: www.youtube.com

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. A person trying to dance with roller blades on now counts as living on the edge. Honestly, the only thing she’s risking by doing this is her dignity.

Backwards Race

Source: www.youtube.com

How bored of life do you need to be to do this to yourself? It’s like you have nothing to lose.



Source: www.youtube.com

The guy in black looks so natural, though. It’s like he eats banana peels for a living.

A headstand for 15 seconds


Source: www.youtube.com

 Okay I could see how this can actually be a dare but with the number of people falling backwards onto their asses, this is just hilarious.

A worm race? I don’t even know what to call this


Source: www.youtube.com

Why are their arms folded? It’s not like it’ll help that look any less retarded than they already do.

One-legged squats


Source: www.youtube.com

I pity this guy. Like seriously. No point in making fun of someone who has reached this point in life.

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