This Girl Perfectly Explains Why We Should All Make Reading A Habit!

make reading a habit

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This article was originally submitted by Zainab Batool

A wise man leads a society circumspectively and likewise, a foolish man leads his society sloppily.

We should know what makes a person wise smart and valuable. Certain things like leadership power, thinking smarter, treating others equally and respectfully, make a person wise. But among this reading, what plays a unique role in the building of a person is their character. Reading has its own place in this century too; something that we eventually forgot amidst the business of life.

To start with, what is reading really about?

Reading is valuable knowledge that boosts the power of your mind. One’s reading should increase as time increases as it is a huge tool that can change society’s perspective. People often think why we read books, articles and newspapers; what the real purpose or motive is behind this, especially about non-fiction books.

make reading a habit

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Well, when you read, the power of your mind increases. Similarly, when you read things such as fictional stories or novels, the power of your imagination increases too. Furthermore, one’s language skills are also enhanced after reading. Nonetheless, we can’t possibly count just how many useful purposes there are of reading.

The era we currently live in is a time where technology is spread everywhere

Fortunately for book lovers, Ebooks are available. Furthermore, reading enhances knowledge, improves one’s language skills and more than that, it allows you to gain experiences that you haven’t yet gained. There are a lot of motivational factors present to make you start reading.

For example, it can enable you to become a leader or a valuable person in your society. You see, technology has affected people quite badly nowadays; it takes them away from beneficial reading habits. This is one of the factors due to which we are unable to build a good society.

make reading a habit

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Moreover, instead of utilizing the Internet by following up on E-books or gaining an education; we tend to waste our time in games, texting and taking pictures.

An old man once said, “The pen is mightier than the sword”

One of the benefits of reading is that effective ideas start flowing into our minds as the sea flows in its place. Furthermore, ideas have the power to change people and their destinies. Thus through reading, people can be capable of possessing a strong personality like Quaid E Azam and Allama Iqbal.

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