Three Passengers Suffer Heart Attacks On PIA’s Flight From Jeddah!

heart attack on PIA flight

Pakistan’s national airline Pakistan International Airline (PIA) often faces criticism over its in-plane services and the food served. Fortunately, the current incumbent government is making efforts to revive the national asset’s lost reputation, globally. However, recently, in a tragic happening, three passengers on a PIA flight to Islamabad incurred heart attacks mid-air.

Three passengers incur heart attacks on PIA’s flight to Islamabad!

Indeed, it must have been a chaotic situation for the passengers as well as the cabin crew but they luckily went through. Certainly, the meal complains still come in as earlier this passenger found a ‘keera’ in kheer and it was shameful. Amidst the turning of events, on Sunday, three passengers suffered heart attacks on PIA’s flight coming from Jeddah to Islamabad.

PIA Heart Attack


Well, PIA’s flight PK-742 coming from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Islamabad, Pakistan made an emergency landing in between. According to media reports, a middle-aged couple and an old lady incurred heart attacks on PIA’s flight coming from the middle east. Moreover, the sorrowful incident happened while the airplane was above Pakistan’s metropolis, Karachi.

Emergency landing in Karachi!

Reportedly, the passenger couple was Muhammad Rafique of 57 age and his wife Sabrina Bibi of 55 age from Mansehra. The third passenger was another lady named Mahala Begum who was 73-years-old from Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkwa. However, after the passengers’ complaints of severe chest pain, the pilot rang the Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport’s control tower to seek medical emergency landing.

PIA Heart Attack


Receiving an immediate green signal from the air traffic controller, the pilot then landed the flight at Karachi airport. After landing safely, an ambulance of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with experienced doctors was ready to assist. Unfortunately, while shifting the passengers, Mahala Begum from Mansehra was pronounced dead and the couple was rapidly taken to hospital.

The Immediate response saved deserves appreciation!

Well, soon after the three ailing passengers were taken off the airplane, the flight then continued towards Islamabad. It was really the captain’s quick decision that saved two precious lives, however, the old passenger couldn’t be revived. Eventually, the rapid response of the staff and the control tower operators show positive progress and strict directionals in Pakistan’s national assets.

PIA Heart Attack


Previously, as well, a unique story regarding two air hostesses came out from Pakistan’s national airline. Back in September, two young air hostesses were in trouble for making Tik Tok videos in an airplane while on duty. Finally, the reviving stage of PIA is displaying a good sign and the government’s sincere input will surely fly it much higher.

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