The Gross Victim Blaming Of Dua Mangi Has Sparked An Outrage!

dua mangi victims

The open-abduction of Dua Mangi near a famous chai spot in DHA Karachi has shaken the country; opening their eyes to the growing concerns of personal safety in Pakistan. Unfortunately, this incident has also brought forward our attention to the sick mentality that resides within this society. It’s astonishing what misogyny, sadism and patriarchy can breed; definitely something that is not human nor animal – a devil perhaps?

Dua Mangi And Haris Fatah CCTV

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Dua, like many girls, becomes the target of victim-blaming.

At this point, it is believable that the alarmingly large chunk of sickos that are blaming Dua’s clothes, her upbringing, her lifestyle choices, and god knows what, are mentally ill and need help. These people are rapist sympathizers and anyone that commits heinous acts.

Now, in the case of Dua’s kidnapping, they have become kidnapper sympathizers. Moreover, what’s worse is that they are joking about her abduction. It’s not enraging but scary, that these people exist in our society who lack any form of decency, mental stability, and empathy. Sadly, this sick bunch of people is the one that enables criminals and in turn, has a part to play in gender-based crimes.

Dua Nisar Mangi Kidnapping

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With so many cases behind us, involving rape and kidnappings of minors, abaya-clad women and girls, babies and even young boys, it is an established fact that clothing has nothing to do with eliciting their unholy animalistic desires. But there are always such men:

This gross blaming disappointed and angered Pakistanis and they came out to school the maniacs.

Countless people took it to social media to voice their anger at such disgusting judgment over Dua’s character.

Hassan Kilde Bajwa 

Instead of focusing on the serious issue at hand; that is the kidnapping of a grown woman right from the streets, people are finding ways to justify what has happened with Dua Mangi. Here’s what Hassan Kilde has to say: 

You should be ashamed

Gepostet von Hassan Kilde Bajwa am Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2019

Khadija Abbas

People are going as far as speculating that she must be in a lovers-spat that led to this and more. Sadly, this doesn’t do any harm to Dua’s character but only shows the low-mentality of these people. Empathy and sympathy, both fail to come even close to the people laced with misogyny. Their minds fail to comprehend the devastating incident that has ruined not just the female victim but her family as well; simply because of the victim’s gender. Here’s what Khadija Abbas has to say:

Dua Nisar Mangi Kidnapped

This girl " Khadija Abbas " lashes out social media bullies over victim blaming for Dua Nisar Mangi the girl who has been kidnapped last night and people blaming her abduction because of her life style !

Gepostet von All Pakistan Drama Page am Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2019


Junaid Akram

Junaid Akram also uses his platform to spread awareness that siding with the criminals is a crime.

Junaid Akram on Dua Mangi

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One’s thinking fails to comprehend the low notions of blame that are hurled so easily on female victims.

Absolutely! Where do such low lives come from?

Blaming women for their mere existence has become part of the culture in Pakistan.

Again, not alarming but very scary.

Maybe forever. Since even after child rape cases including that of small babies, even the recent molestation of a disabled woman in ICU, hasn’t changed the mentality, nothing will.

May Dua Mangi returns home safe and sound. Amen.

How would these victim-blamers explain this? How was this sleeping child’s fault?

She is reportedly still missing and Haris, the friend she was with at the time of the incident is still in critical condition from the gun-shot wound in his neck. Unfortunately, no major developments regarding her location or well-being have been maintained. In addition, so far only CCTV footage has been released.

Nonetheless, it is a given that sick-mentality cannot be diagnosed, but what can be done is making collective efforts in tracking Dua down. Hopefully, something positive will come forth by the end of the day. Ameen!

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