After Salma Zafar, Sherry Shah Accuses Javeria & Saud Of Holding Back Her Rs90 Lacs

salma zafar javeria controversy

Another twisting plot makes itself known as the Salma Zafar and Javeria’s controversy makes round in the news. Another actress has come forward and defended Zafar against JJS Production house, for not giving payments on time. Hence, Zafar had been quite vocal and shown the true face of the production house that is owned by the celebrity couple Saud Qasmi and Javeria Saud.

Recently, in a viral video, Salma Zafar had mentioned how she had been quiet for an entire decade about not being paid. However, now she won’t stay quiet on the matter. She mentions that this is highly unprofessional and the couple keeps on living on the hard work of other stars and even those staff members that have been working in their production house and also face the difficulty of traveling and commute.

salma zafar javeria controversy

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Although Javeria has negated the statement completely, now another actress has come forward with a statement, which defends Zafar’s stance.

Sherry Shah mentions in a video that she has worked with the JJS Productions in two dramas: Yeh Kesi Mohabbat Hai and Yeh Zindagi Hai, which were a total of 600 episodes, 400 of Yeh Kesi Mohabbat Hai, and 200 of Yeh Zindagi Hai. Sherry mentions that she still isn’t paid for these two shows.

salma zafar javeria controversy

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However, she adds that it isn’t so that the duo hasn’t paid her at all. There have been small payments here and then, but about Rs1 crore is still pending and she wants to tell the public of Saud and Javeria’s stance on the matter.

Sherry Shah discloses details in the JJS Productions contract as legal proof

She even brings forward the contract and discloses all the clause which prove which party is at fault at the very moment. She also adds the reason why she is raising her voice now is that she watched Zafar’s video and it made her realize that she isn’t the only one who got played.

Later on, Sherry has also given clarification that the duo isn’t giving the payments ahead, even though they have been receiving them from the channels. This issue is indeed very infuriating and she wishes that every hardworking star who has worked with Javeria and Saud or in collaboration with JJS Production must be given the monetary reward they deserve.

She requests, Javeria to pay the other stars and even her. She mentions it isn’t necessary to pay them immediately, but it is their complete right to get the payment in due time.

Moreover, the star is also adding that she doesn’t wish to resort to ugly matters, and wishes this issue can be resolved as soon as possible. She hopes Zafar also gets the payment from JJS Productions. In addition, let us hope that this issue is resolved soon and the feuding between the stars comes to an evident end real soon.

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