Forget Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix’s Version Of The Joker Is Being Hailed By The World!


Since Detective Comics (DC) revealed its superhero, Batman, the world was introduced to another tremendous character now widely known as the ‘Joker’ played by the immensely prepared Heath Ledger. Soon after the release, Ledger’s sudden demise was said to be because of the extreme conditions he lived in for the role and his stellar performance still leaves the viewers with chills down the spine. Following the footsteps of the most anticipated Hollywood villain, actor ‘Joaquin Phoenix’ recently stunned the world by his star-spangling portrayal of the ‘Joker’ earning him massive respect and appreciation from the global audience.

Joker: A masterpiece with severe commotions!

Made under the direction of the famous Hollywood filmmaker ‘Todd Philipps’, the movie had a blasting first-week debut opening, sweeping in a huge amount of 234 million dollars till now worldwide. Soon after the world accepted the character ‘Joker’ as the supervillain stealing the spotlight from the actual protagonist, it totally took the audience’s till then “clown perspective” to the shady side. Recently, the cinema found another brilliant ‘Joker’ played by the extremely talented ‘Joaquin Phoenix’ leaving no unfilled gaps behind.

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If you haven’t seen the trailer till now, here it is!

From the cast selection to the execution of the idea, every single thing in the film did justice to the character. Joaquin Phoenix’s ultimate takeover of the ‘Joker’ character kept the audience hooked to the cinema screens and such brilliance got the movie “Golden Award” after being premiered at the Venice Film Festival. The intense storyline and commendable work by the protagonist ‘Joaquin Phoenix’ also got him an 8-minutes standing ovation at the event making the movie “audience favorite” since day one.

What the critics have to say about ‘Joker’!

The perfectly executed plot and the marvelous cinematography has the audience on its toes as the dual personality of the protagonist kicks in. Exceptionally structured character-building undoubtedly takes over the viewer’s mind with the reins of two different personality traits ‘Arthur Fleck’ and his behavioral changes intact as ‘Joker’. Emphasizing merely on today’s cruel society providing relatable daunts of the outer world, the film gets people in the dwells of self-pity and pessimistic turmoil of reality.


“All I have are negative thoughts”!

Creating a dark forum while trying to get out of his “negative thoughts” and to make his existence known to the world, Arthur Fleck’s timely turnover from the funny public clown to the brutally unstable Joker was an exceptional journey and the audience loved it. On one side, the character is seen being his called to be his mother’s only caretaker while on the outer side, he is seen unleashing his hatred towards the world. The film is not like any other cliche superhero supervillain story but a journey of a man with his messed up life who has lost hope in the world.

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The story is tightly knitted with the narrative not to show what Joker is planning on doing instead it focuses more on the development of such a negative character. The whole execution adhered to the “lesser dialogues, more performance” strategy which resonates with the theme of the movie and the best script, no usual dialogues. Overall the film has impeccable direction and storytelling, a perfect watch and the cinematography remained with the execution-style chosen for it.

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