This Adorable Little Boy Has Become A Social Media Star For Playing The Tabla Like A Pro!

Boy playing Tabla

Pakistan is truly a rich country. It has history, traditions, cultures, cuisines, languages, and music. The traditional tunes, dances, and songs have a certain nostalgia to it, reminding us of the olden days that are long forgotten but somehow the music retained the essence of it. Every province is distinct and has its own identity; even in the tunes, they play. Another thing Pakistan isn’t short on is prodigies and talented young children that are gifted by the Almighty.

This very young boy plays folk tunes of all the four provinces on a tabla like a professional!

He reminds of another internet sensation that took Pakistan by storm with her surprisingly powerful vocals with absolute stunning deliverance of notes; Hadiya Hashmi. This young ‘master’ is definitely going places, considering how he has almost perfected the tabla-playing at such a tender age. Hopefully, this video will go viral for the right people to notice and give him the opportunities and training he deserves.

Young talent is emerging quite frequently courtesy of social media and the internet that lets these gifted children showcase themselves and their art to the world. Not long ago, a rapping-star ‘Kaky’ from Lyari blew everyone away with his amazing skills. So, there is no denying the large talent-pool exists within the ages 3-15.

The ‘Tabla-Kid’ has wowed everyone!

“Little man has got some skills, well done young man. The guy who is recording doing a great job but could have used a bit more kinder and soft tone with the little master”

Hopefully, he finds great mentors and trainers that will elevate his talent to great heights.

Absolutely! He got what it takes. However, we hope he keeps a good balance between education and his training.

Great point! There isn’t any shortage of exploiters in Pakistan and this young man deserves an honest, hardworking and well-wishing ustaad!

The person behind the camera seemed a bit harsh but let’s hope this little guy is getting all the care, mentorship and breaks he needs. He has immense potential to become a world-class tabla player. How did we deduce that? Well, at such a small age, he achieved this level of skills with hard work, then it is only fair to assume that he will make it big in the world with the right guidance.

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