Jeremy McLellan Slams Indians Over Mindless Accusations and We’re Like “Shabash!”

It’s about time we give this man an acre in Bahria Town (pun intended).

Jeremy McLellan, a popular comedian from the United States who is loved by millions of left-wing Americans, Pakistanis, Muslims and overall anyone with a sane mind. His surreal rise has become the talk of the town!

Source: Express Tribune

Normally, if you scroll down Jeremy’s McLellan’s timeline, you wouldn’t help but marvel at the fact that he’s one heck of a human being. He inspires millions with his with his ideas which are often weaved in humor – simply credits his charm. Jeremy visited Pakistan and apparently had a great time. He fell in love with biryani and is often found to be defending the local agenda against trolls and right-wing extremists.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of hocus-pocus on Twitter involving Pakistanis and Indians. Shahid Afridi tweeted against the persecution of Kashmiris at the hands of Indian army which sent Twitter into a meltdown. Indians are enraged and one after another, the general public as well as film stars and cricketers spoke against Afridi.

Jeremy McLellan jumped in, clear the air with his version of the truth and it all seemed to make sense. However, our noisy neighbors were not having it at all and started bashing him for it.

What on earth?

In fact, they leveled serious allegations of him being paid by Pakistan for his pro-Pakistani stance.

When you mess with him, you really not mess with him…



And here we have another dude who trolls them the best!

Dennis Freedman at his best…

One man irks millions of Indians. We love you, Jeremy McLellan!

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