It Is Absolutely Fine To Rate One Star to These 3 Types of Uber/Careem Drivers, Here’s Why!

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I remember the time when there was no Careem or Uber; taking a taxi was the worst thing you can imagine. As our cabs don’t have air conditioners, it is very uncomfortable to ride them in sweltering heat. You can sweat to death until you reach your office.

All thanks to Careem and Uber, we have been saved from Taxi mafia. No more high and unfair fares. I can easily say that they have totally changed the transportation industry of Pakistan. However, these two ridesharing companies still face some challenges, but I can bet they are working hard to overcome them.

Being a regular ridesharing app user, I have faced numerous issues with drivers and their cars. A few times I have filed a complaint and they have responded very quickly to resolve it. Recently, I have seen that if you file a complaint against a driver and give him low rating then they usually give you a partial refund. This means that both Careem and Uber are doing a good job of fulfilling customer satisfaction. And this could help them in retaining customers. However, I usually feel bad to rate a driver below 5 as it can cost their job. Then again, there is no alternative to this.

The most common issues I face with these Uber/Careem Drivers are:

1. Air Conditioner: 

Source: Air Dynamics

Sometimes car lacks a functional AC when we request a ride of category GO or UberGo. Or if they have AC, they don’t put it to maximum speed. Their most common answer is “Sir, AC low pe acha cooling Karta hai” or “Sir, gari petrol Zaida khaiye ge”. I mean, come on. AC consumes the same amount of fuel whether it is on speed 1 or 4. The speed is for the blower of the fan. Careem/Uber seriously needs to school them. I would rate the driver one star.

2. Petrol Station During the Ride:

Source: Tenor

So I am getting late for office and this driver tells me that first, we have to go to the nearest gas station during the ride. This is annoying. Hence, one star for him.

3. Snail Speed:

Source: Imgur

Uber/Careem drivers usually drive slow to save their fuel cost. That’s acceptable. But driving at the speed of 60 to 70km at highway is not tolerable for me. My rating for him will be one star but generally, it would be considered a minor issue.

If Careem/Uber cannot resolve these issues, then I guess we have to do it by rating one star to these annoying drivers. Some will still argue that it will be very selfish of us to rate them low but let’s think about it from a professional point of view; for instance, if an employee at a bank keeps coming to office late and doesn’t do his tasks properly then it will be the customers of that bank who will suffer. Hence, it must be compulsory to give a warning to that employee so that he performs his tasks properly or else stay ready to lose his job.

Let me know what you guys think about this.

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