ISIS Executes A Gay Man By Throwing Him Off The Rooftop


The images showing a gay man being pushed from a rooftop in Mosul, Iraq has been released by ISIS (The Islamic State). The photographs were uploaded on (a file sharing service), by ISIS. The members and supporters of the Jihadist movement and the extremist organization ISIS circulated the photographs on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


The photographs show that two masked ISIS militants pushed off a man off of the ledge of a tall building. Below, a crowd has gathered to watch the execution. The photographs show the man falling down and then his body lying on the ground.



According to the ISIS, the Wilayet al-Furat Islamic court decided that the gay man should be thrown off the highest point in the city and then stoned to death as a punishment for practicing sodomy. Other images documented that a sharia court charged him with the same penalty.



In ISIS-controlled territories, homosexuality is publicly punished on a regular basis. In November 2014, two men were stoned to death in Raqqa, Syria.

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