Students From Pakistan Manufacture An Aerodynamic Car

It took around five months of hard work, team efforts and a sum of 350,000 Pakistani Rupees to manufacture an aerodynamic environment-friendly one-seated small car. The team members collected Rs. 350,000 on self-help basis.

The aerodynamic environment friendly car was manufactured jointly by the faculty members and students of Mechanical Engineering Department (MED) of COMSATS University, Sahiwal campus.

According to the reports the car has been selected in the upcoming Manila International Auto Show 2015 and will represent Pakistan. The Auto show will start from the 9th of April in Philippines.


Dr. Zaheeruddin, head Mechanical Engineering Department, COMSATS University gave the details of the self-manufactured car, named as ‘RUSH’ and said that it was a project of final year students of MED.

He added:  “Eight students along with faculty member Tahir Asif developed a successful model car called RUSH.”

The students have used a 70CC engine and fiberglass (light weight) for developing its exterior and interior.


The designer of the car, Tahir Asif reports that the car has nine-feet length, a height and width of around four-feet. The car will cover about 60km in one liter fuel.

The car weighs around 200kg, at present and has a capacity of seating one person which can be expanded with design, in future.


Afshain, the Shell Pakistan representative from Karachi said that for the last five months they had been following the formulation of the car.

Afshain also told that a sum of 14 teams from Pakistan would be sent to the upcoming Manila International Auto Show 2015. The aerodynamic environment-friendly car ‘Rush’ will be one of 14 cars from Pakistan being sponsored for the show.

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