Internet Defends Sajal Aly When Trolls Criticize Her English

Internet Defends Sajal Aly When Trolls Criticize Her English

In a relatively out-of-the-ordinary turn of events on X (previously Twitter), supporters as well as trollers have come for Sajal Aly defense as many of them criticize her. A video of the actor speaking English was posted on X by a user who said, “People will start rising in love instead of falling in love – you know what I mean? We always say “Let’s fall in love,” and you know why. Don’t ‘fall’ in love; there’s no need to. Raise your love and fly.

Sajal Aly Criticize By Trollers For English

Sajal Aly Criticize By Trollers For English

In an appealing unjustified description, the X user said, “Sajal trying hard to use her brain cells.” Many people were outraged by this but afterward defended the actress for using a phrase that was not original to her but had been used by famous celebrities before.

An X user, Sajal Aly, commented, “I have a degree in literature and teach English Language Arts (ELA) in elementary schools in the United States, where I have spent the majority of my life.” There is no error in grammar or syntax. You enjoy poking fun at your own people just for fun, right? A second voice chimed in, “Leave my queen alone, This isn’t even grammatically incorrect, let her be.” And someone else said, “I’m sorry but none of you read or participate in literature as much as you all say you do. If you did, you’d see that this isn’t an original idea of hers. That adage isn’t new to me. You’d understand that what she meant was that you ought to seek strength through love rather than weakness via submission or defeat.

However, not everyone agreed. “She thought she ate,” one X user said. Someone added, “If you’re as hot as Sajal Aly, you’re allowed to say whatever you want.” Others pointed out the obvious colonial hangover that seemed to exude from the posts of people insulting the actor because they could not comprehend what Sajal meant and believed it reflected negatively on her English language abilities.

“If Taylor Swift or someone else said the exact same thing, you’d be calling them mother,” claimed one X user. It is believed that Taylor once remarked, “We should love, not fall in love because everything that falls, gets broken.” In defense of Sajal, one X user said, “Mocking her because she’s not as fluent in English? You guys just keep sinking lower and lower. The other problem is that everything she stated has been said before, especially in novels, a million times over. This is also correct. What Sajal is saying is, in reality, a mantra of sorts outlets repeat again and time again when talking about falling in love, as any Google search will demonstrate.

One X user expounded on this idea, saying, “Rising in love means being able to make your own choices and decisions and also making your partner capable of the same.” That’s exactly what she had in mind. It’s so obvious that the people in quotations are brain-dead. Google it instead of aimlessly trolling if you don’t know what anything means.

When decolonization strategies are being considered, it’s odd to encounter an instance of insulting one’s own. There are instances when correcting someone’s grammar is vital so that they can improve their language abilities, but doing so publicly only to troll them is not on.

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