Where’s The Josh? ‘Brave’ Indian Army Begs Chinese Soldiers To ‘Please Go Back’

India china border

Tensions at the border between India and China have spiked in recent weeks amid a flurry of media reports pointing to a series of skirmishes and military build-up by both sides. Neither countries’ leadership has issued an official comment on the stand-offs so far. However, we have come up with an interesting piece of news.

Indian and Chinese troops clashed in early May at two different sections of the Line of Actual Control that separates the two countries, since then there has been a continuous rift between the two countries. Both the Armies are violating border rules and entering into disputed territories.

Currently, reportedly, there are close to 10,000 soldiers of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Indian territory. Dialogue is frozen, with the Chinese rebuffing Indian calls for flag meetings to resolve the situation.

PLA has crossed China’s own claim line (which Beijing had stated was the border with India) and entered 3-4 kilometers into Indian territory.

China has entered Ladakh region and the Indian Army instead of fighting is requesting them to ‘please go back’. It seems like the Indian Army has given up and is begging the Chinese Army to move away.

The move has also amused many and people are making fun of the ‘brave’ Indian Army who always portrays themselves as the strongest of all (remember how’s the josh?). Twitter is having a field day at the cost of the Indian Army.

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