PK-8303 Pilot Cpt. Sajjad Shaheed’s Family Reveals Unknown Details Of The Tragedy

Capt. Sajjad Unknown details

After the incident took place, we witnessed multiple reports and conspiracies hurled against or in favor of the pilot. There has been a lot of criticism falling back at the tragic incident from every direction. Some are criticizing the pilot, some the airline, and some — the criticizers. It is awful how tragic news as such could surface the dark side of the viewers, who, in the comfort of their rooms, sit to judge the matter from afar.

A bit of empathy may help in looking at the matter from a higher perspective, and in that attempt, we have fetched a video that shares details about the captain and the incident that took place.

کیپٹن سجاد گل سے آخری مرتبہ کیا بات ہوئی؟ حادثے کا شکار ہونے والے جہاز کے پائلٹ کے برادر نسبتی کا دردناک انٹرویو

کیپٹن سجاد گل سے آخری مرتبہ کیا بات ہوئی؟ حادثے کا شکار ہونے والے جہاز کے پائلٹ کے برادر نسبتی کا دردناک انٹرویو

Gepostet von Daily Pakistan am Montag, 25. Mai 2020

Courtesy: Daily Pakistan

How was Captain Sajjad in person?

Late captain Sajjad Gul’s brother in law talks at length in this interview about the late pilot’s personality – how was he like in real life, his behavior with his colleagues and family. He says, “when I first met him at the flying club, I found his personality very charming. He was very decent, hardworking, sincere to his work. He always prioritized his work” says the brother in law. “We were more like friends, not brothers-in-law to each other”

What did the captain say just a day before the incident took place?

The late captain left behind two beautiful sons and a daughter, “he was a very loving and caring father. He’d directly return to his family after every flight. I invited him for iftari just a day before the plane crash and he promptly denied my invite by saying that he has to be with his family.

How did the family take the unfortunate news?

“A friend revealed the news five minutes after the crash. We kept hoping for his survival but the media kept giving unreliable news. And once I learned that he was no longer alive, I couldn’t break the news instantly to his wife. I asked her to sit and listen carefully to the news. I slowly broke the news, served her some water, made her sit, and then finally told her that he’s no more. It was absolute chaos after that.”

Media and the public

The reporter then asked about his perspective on the media and how they’re tackling the criticism upon which he said, “It is sad that everyone – the management blames the pilot who’s no longer alive to clarify the situation. It’s easy to make someone a scapegoat. It’s saddening. The committee is not competent to handle the situation.”

The news is no less of a tragedy that now people have to hurl criticism on the late pilot who sacrificed his life along with the rest of the unfortunate passengers. It all took place in minutes. There are resources that revealed the conjectures behind this incident. Some are only trying to circulate conspiracies, adding to the confusion. It is bad enough that we are suffering through these times of pandemic that we have to witness another tragedy. Let’s pray for the deceased and hope for a better tomorrow instead of getting engaged in gossips.

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Source Courtesy: Daily Pakistan

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