Yet Another MiG 21 Crashed In Madhya Pradesh Proving The Incompetency Of IAF Pilots!

MiG 21 Crashed

In the past few years, since the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has taken over the Indian government offices adhering to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s imbecile decisive capabilities, the country has incurred many huge losses including a large number of their downed MiG 21 ‘fighter jets’. Besides facing crucial criticism over the initiated brutality in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), recently, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is being called out for losing another MiG 21 from their fleet and it is downright hilarious.

Poor IAF loses another one of its ‘flying coffins’ aka MiG 21 during a routine training mission in Madhya Pradesh!

Leaping over to the fact that earlier this year, while trying to enter the Pakistani borders, IAF’s Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was captured along with his ruins of MiG 21 by Pakistan’s Armed Forces and the world knows how ‘fantastic’ the rage was. While the world is laughing at IAF pilots’ fitness level and the physical burden they are on their jets, as of today, another 44 years old Indian MiG 21 crashed near Gwalior airbase during a routine training mission and the naive Indians are again being savagely trolled on the internet.

Here’s what the news publishing forums have to say on the crash!

Where, at one point, the Indian nation has started demanding the government to obsolete the vintage MiG 21 fighter jets from the IAF fleet, the Modi Sarkar is busy being thrashed by Pakistan on international platforms. Viewing the incident from the coverage perspective, according to media reports, the aircraft was on a routine training mission when the MiG 21 crashed near Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior Air Force Base. The jet was carrying an Indian Group Captain and a Squadron Leader who safely ejected themselves before the aircraft smacked onto the ground.

Pakistanis and their on-point humor against India!

As it is impossible to stay safe from the sheer criticism social media throws at such events, currently, Pakistan’s virtual side is filled with extremely laughable stances towards India. Taking the rumored war viewpoint believed to take place later this year between both nuclear-armed states, Pakistanis are knocking the neighbor out for still having their hands on the flying coffins.

Bollywood; the most manipulating cinema in the whole world!

At least, they got expertise in ejecting themselves from their own created problems!

One can expect every foolish act from India!

Lol! Putting every blame on Pakistan is the only thing India can do!

Maybe, 21?

Undoubtedly, Modi leadership is dragging India towards a dark era where the conditions will escalate far from just retaliation. Earlier this month, India’s Space Mission Chandrayaan 2 failed and crashed on the moon just like Abhinandan’s MiG 21 showing the world how big of a failure India actually is. No idea, how many more fighter jets will it lose because of the incompetent pilots in the future but if they tried to cross the borderline, Pakistan won’t spare them at any cost.

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