India’s Space Mission Chandrayaan-2 Fails And Crashes On Moon Just Like Abhinandan’s MiG-21!

India’s Chandrayaan-2 mission’s Vikram lander failed on Saturday. Their attempt to land the aircraft near the moon’s South Pole didn’t follow through as the moon lander’s descent was smooth but less than two miles above the surface the trajectory changed and communications with the lander were lost, deeming it has crashed.

The success of this mission would have placed India as the fourth nation in history to have performed the soft lunar landing after the US, the former Soviet Union, and China. The ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) chairman Mr. Sivan described the final moments of moon lander’s descent to be “Terrifying 15 minutes”, in advance. Rightly so, as the life’s work of several scientists and engineers came down to a few critical minutes of Vikram’s landing.

ISRO Chief Sivan announced the unfortunate news.

The lander and small six-wheeled rover called Pragyan were expected to last for at least 14 Earth days or one Lunar day on the moon’s surface. Fifteen minutes before Vikram’s landing was due, the lander named after Vikram A. Sarabhai, the father of the Indian space program, was traveling at more than 2,000 miles per hour at an altitude of about 20 miles.

Four of its engine fired up to slow it down for a smooth landing, as it was fastly reaching the landing destination which was a high flat plain near the South pole. Upon the beginning of the landing process, Vikram’s speed was still high regardless of its engine’s efforts to slow it down and before you know it, moon lander was descending too fast after which the data from the aircraft ended.

Indian PM Modi consoled the tearful ISRO chairman Sivan in Bengaluru.

Sadly, before the entire plan and vision of India could become a historic reality marking Chandrayaan-2 mission as one of India’s biggest milestone the lander crashed along with the entire teams’ spirits.

The world witnessed the final moments of Vikram through live broadcast and had mixed reactions to the Chandrayaan-2’s failure.

Pakistan’s Director-General of Inter-Services Public Relations, Asif Ghafoor also took this opportunity to remind India of their brutalities on Kashmiris of IOJ&K and told them that their extremist hindutva ideologies that have led to bloodshed of the people in the occupied valley will not land them on the moon or take them anywhere.

Fawad Chaudhry reminded the neighbor to focus on more important issues at hand instead of investing in failed projects slamming India saying that their approach on Kashmir will be another failure like their moon-landing mission, only the price they will have to pay will be much higher.

Shah Rukh Khan although silent on the matter of Indian-occupied Kashmir Tweeted preaching that India’s time will come and that at least the take-off was a success.

The Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield congratulated India and the entire ISRO team and sympathized with Vikram lander’s crash on the moon.

#IndiaFailed is the leading trend on Pakistani Twitter. Considering how both the nations leave no chance to troll each other, Pakistanis also took the opportunity to tease India on the space mission failure.

Daniel Carmon, Israel’s Ambassador to India congratulated the entire team of ISRO scientists that made Chandrayaan-2 possible.

Considering how India would instantly try to sensationalize everything including their miserable defeats and failures, someone replied to Asif Ghafoor’s tweets with a classic reply mocking the Indians.

India’s moon landing mission was indeed a daring feat, but definitely admirable. However, India’s gross human rights violations in IoK overshadows this mission and there is a dire need of international intervention or else the sufferings of Kashmiris at the hands of Indian military that includes, killing, raping, abductions and all forms of human dignity violations will continue leading to ethnic cleansing.

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