People Are Rude! Hina Bayat Schools Troll For Passing Judgmental Remarks

Hina Bayat schools troll

Pakistani veteran actress Hina Bayat schools troll for passing unrealistic judgments on her husband’s death.

Hina Bayat is known for her outstanding performances in critically claimed drama serials such as Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Bashar Momin.

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She recently opened up about how the social media trolls made her life tough when her beloved husband passed away.

She made an appearance on Good Morning Pakistan, Bayat shed light on the late Haji Roger Dawood Bayat’s character and her complaint with her fans.

Hina Bayat Slams Trolls For Judgmental Remarks

In conversation with Nida Yasir, Hina Bayat candidly shared her experience at the time when she lost Haji Roger Dawood a tragic event and other challenges she faced.

She expressed her disappointment regarding the negative comments and trolls she received from internet citizens during this hard time.

Hina shared, “I don’t have any complaints with Allah or my loved ones. But I am a little upset with my people. I didn’t work for a year because of Roger; he was sick, treatment was ongoing, and we weren’t even here. However, I came back to work because he forced me to do so.”

The actor states that Roger and the director had spoken to each other regarding the project. “He was pushing me to do it,” stated Bayat. “It was an incredibly challenging period for me as I was juggling hospital visits and managing various responsibilities, such as arranging blood donations while also working.”

Hina Bayat also worked in one of the most controversial drams Churail. She stated that her character came from the showbiz fraternity.

My Drama Was On-Air, Hina Bayat

She went on, “However, when my husband Roger passed away, after about a week, since the drama was on-air, I heard someone discussing the drama serial Agar.

At that moment, I instantly remembered that it was on-air and there is still work pending. I called the assistant director and asked about the pending work.” The AD responded by asking what she was made of, given that no one intended to call her during that time.

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Bayat recalled how she stated that if she was needed, she would go to work. “I went back to work. Because this is what I have learned from my loved ones. No one should face any difficulty or damage due to you.”

Her voice sobbing she continued, “And people are so cruel. How do you know what someone is going through? You simply put out questions.

She was also part of one of the dramas that talked about sex openly and Pemra comes under fire it rose aggression among the audience.

I Was Questioned, Whether I Completed My Iddat

 ‘Have you completed your iddat (mourning period?) Look how she’s dressed up. What pain would she feel at her husband’s passing?’ What do you know? I know my work is my worship and faith. God has given me a responsibility.”

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Hina concluded by stating that my beloved husband with whom I shared 30 wedded years, it’s unmatchable to level his goodness.

“I married my best friend,” she recalled fondly. “This is the sole relationship where even though you’re not related by blood, there could not be a closer bond.” She further added, “He treated me like a princess. Now, I can’t even walk without him.”

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