“Samsung & Xiaomi Lead The Market”Global Smartphone Market Quarter Report


For the tech world, 2021 has been a rollercoaster ride, because of the last year’s pandemic. But still many of the companies had managed to pull off and produced some of the greatest tech gadgets this year.

Apart from the gaming market, smartphones had a booming year with the endless smartphones launched this year.

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Compare to the last year, in 2021 smartphone market grew rapidly and other brands secured their spot in the market too. If we talk about smartphone market share, many of you might put Samsung and Apple in the top spot.

But this time the game has changed a brand that has been working so hard on their flagship smartphones and managed to cover the smartphone market with their variants.

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Xiaomi has officially conquered the smartphone market and earned the second spot in the smartphone market share of 2021. To know the exact figures and detailed Quarter 2 report of the smartphone market share need to dig down.

Global Smartphone Market Grown-Underdog Took The Spot

Yesterday Global Smartphone market share report revealed that exhibits a growth of about 13.2% and Samsung with the lead. The report clearly showed the shipments of the smartphones and their market ratio. Although IDC International Data Corporation’s prediction went wrong

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Samsung leads the smartphone market with 59.0 million units and covering 18.8%. On the other hand, Ivy League smartphone Apple couldn’t secure the top spot as they dropped down to the third position in the Q2 smartphone market share report. Apple shipped 44.2 million units and only covered 14.1% market share.

Apple has dominated the market with its iPhone 12 edition and secured the first position. In 2021 Apple couldn’t perform as per the requirement and fell.

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It looks like Samsung has reclaimed its position from Apple in the smartphone world. Samsung took full advantage of the 2021 year because Samsung controlled 67% of South Korea’s smartphone market in the first quarter of 2021 and dominated.

Behind Samsung, no one expected Xiaomi will fill that position and leave behind Apple at the third position.

Xiaomi An Underdog Second Place

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It’s the first time Xiaomi secured their second place, they had done a great job this year with the heavy investment in smartphone development and they shipped 53.1 Million units and covered 16.9% market share.

Compare to last year, they have gained 6% in market share and shipped 28.5 million units. Even this year they had crossed their limits and launched the world’s largest smartphone camera variant Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.

There’s no with the exit of LG and Huawei’s not so best performance in the market gave whole new opportunities to the other smartphone brands. It surely affected the positions and it can be seen in the report too.

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OPPO and VIVO also surprised the market with their unbelievable performance and shipments. OPPO’s fourth and Vivo’s fifth position in the Q2 report were both nice market share with 10% each.

Only China saw negative growth due to no new flagship launch or anything. The smartphone market is unpredictable like a football match, no one knows what’s going to happen next.

Now it all depends on, will Samsung retain its position, and Xiaomi a new target will keep its spot secure for the upcoming months.

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