Is Coffee Behind The Dehydration? Or It’s Just A Myth

Everyone is aware of Coffee consumption all over the globe. Along with that, some people around the world love to spread myths regarding coffee. There’s no doubt, Coffee is one of the most popular and consumed hot beverages in the world.

From celebrities to athletes to common people loves to spend their penny to buy a cup of coffee. Myths are ridiculous in every manner if you come to agree on them. Never trust or give judgment on negative myths regarding something that you love to have.

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Myths are not supposed to take seriously, because if someone comes to you and says coffee is bad for your health then don’t believe it. Or if someone says coffee reduces the risk of having cancer then believe it because it’s true.

Coffee is dehydrating-Seriously?

Now, let’s focus on this myth, coffee is dehydrating for you like how because you are getting liquid in your body in which manner it’s dehydrating. According to the research and study, it shows that coffee consumption daily keeps you hydrated and fulfills all the requirements of fluids your body needed.

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One of the major reasons for drinking coffee is to get pure caffeine, a substance that helps you to stay awake and active. People do not understand the actual background story of the coffee and its effects.

As mentioned negative myths around coffee is unimaginable and to prove it wrong some various researches and facts make such myths wrong.

Studies and Facts

According to the Institute of Medicines, coffee can help you meet your fluid needs. To support this research widened the perspective of it, other medical institutions and medical journals came forward to extend the support.

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Researchers have experimented to prove their point. Researchers tested 13 different drinks to find out how hydrating they were, coffee ranked comparably to water.

And not only that, Coffee plays significantly an important role in our life to prevent us from other diseases too. Just like coffee reduces depression as well.

Expert Doctor’s Views On Coffee Myth

Lauren Elliott a well-known dietitian of Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Centers said, “Coffee counts toward your daily water intake.”


“Caffeine does have a slight diuretic effect, meaning that it causes us to lose more water, but it is mild and does not offset hydration.”

Fat people love to drink coffee why? Because coffee helps in reducing or say burn fat. It’s been proven that coffee is one of the few natural substances proven to aid fat burning.

Source: Medical News Today

Now you might hear that Coffee causes Parkinson’s or diabetes. But let’s clear the air as per the science coffee lower the risks of Parkinson’s and reduces two different types of diabetes from human’s body.

With these and other benefits, how can someone trust myths like that? Coffee plays a vital role in keeping you hydrated comparatively water intake. And it’s all based on the research, studies and experiments did in the world.

So, whenever someone comes to you and says coffee will dehydrate you don’t drink too much. Then just pass on this knowledge and enjoy your cup of coffee.

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