Funny Baby Attacks Puppy


Funny videos are the instant mood pumpers. Irrespective of how exhausted you are or how bored you are or to which age group you belong, these funny videos are therapeutic in every possible sense. Funny videos, that too about babies are the best. Babies do not say a word but their actions are more than enough to amaze and entertain absolutely anyone in this world.

Everyone who desires to get a smile on his or her face instantly, should watch funny baby videos. The randomness and adorableness of these videos can melt anyone’s heart.  If you are lacking energy and feeling dull, check out this video. This funny video can energize anyone in no time.

This funny video can easily be considered as the treat of the day. The video shows how a baby is annoyed by an adorable puppy who is in the mood to play with the baby, but the baby does not seem interested. This video becomes super funny when the baby tries to get rid of the puppy and hush it away but the puppy does not leave and keeps teasing the baby. Later, the scene gets intense and even more funny when the puppy tries to avenge the baby. You will be stunned by the observational and fighting skills of the baby as well as the puppy dog. They baby then tries to defend and protect himself against the puppy dog. Check this funny yet adorable video out to know who won the fight and  have a good laugh.

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