While The Entire World is Disgusted by the Insensitive Fasih Ahmed, There Are Those Who Support him

While The Entire World is Disgusted by the Insensitive Fasih Ahmed, There Are Those Who Support him

The social media last night saw the outrageous spark against the Newsweek editor Fasih Ahmed. While the Pakistanis passed a sigh of relief as the rape and murder suspect of Zainab was behind the bars, Fasih Ahmed was seen passing disgusting comments to which he and his supporters called “dark humor”.

He Called Child Molestation “Art”


It is the Same Outrage that Made the Government Take Stern Actions and Stay on their Toes, In Case you Missed the Memo

After Failing to Make a Point Through Sarcasm and Insensitive Dark Humor, Fasih Ahmed Tried to Make a Point in the Language that Can be Well-Interpreted

But he Continued Making Insensitive, Disgusting Remarks Again and Again and Again

In Case You Don’t Know, Fasih Ahmed is Not Only the Editor of Newsweek Pakistan, But Also a Prominent Member of the Lahore Literary Festival Board

Pakistanis tweeted on #BoycottLLF because of the association of Ahmed with the esteemed event.

People From All Over the World were Disgusted as Fasih Ahmed Tried to Justify himself

Everybody was, However, Waiting to See People Defend Fasih Ahmed After Everything he Tweeted himself from his Own Twitter Account


And You Won’t Be Surprised to See Some Notable Figures Actually Having the Audacity to Speak in Favor of Fasih Ahmed!

Prominent members of the Taseer family were seen defending Fasih Ahmed, trying to make his tweets sound somewhat right.

There’s More!


The Sane Taseer Lot, However, Also Spoke and It Made Sense During the Entire Fiasco

The ill-timed and ill-sense of tweets written by Fasih Ahmed caused a social media breakdown for all the right reasons, given how the man was justifying his vile thoughts he penned down, using “dark humor” to fire the bullet. What’s worse is how despite how insensitive his tweets were, Fasih Ahmed’s family members had in them to speak how the man should not be “judged”.

Even an apology wouldn’t suffice based on the statements made by Fasih Ahmed.


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