If you’re a True Foodie Then You Must Try These Dishes from the Famous Cities of Pakistan

Our desi food is a matter of enormous pride for us and partly the reason why we as a nation are a great bunch of foodies. It can be summed up by the fact that we do not eat to live rather live to eat. When talking about desi food, there are a handful of dishes that Pakistan is known for. Each food has a close tie with a city and we love to debate it with one another.

Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, and Peshawar – flip the subject of these cities, the next thing to pop in your mind will be the food they are known for. All the foodies are very passionate about vouching for the food their respective city is known for… Just as:

No biryani on earth can ever compare to Karachi’s Biryani

Source: Food NDTV

But Karachiites never get away it easily. People would always argue; in fact, so many eyebrows are raised as soon as that Aloo is spotted in the Biryani.

And Lahore? Oh yes, those famous Paayes… As soon as you land at Lahore airport, if your friends do not mention Phajjay ke Paaye after greeting you then are they even your friends?

Source: zabihabites.com

But if you rather mention eating Sajji, then Lahore might be the wrong place because no Sajji can ever compare to the Sajji from Balochistan

Source: Dasterkhawan.com

Meanwhile, the North of Pakistan is where you get the best beef, so never forget the Chapli Kabab from Peshawar!

Just look at those bad boys…

Source: Yes I can cook

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So guys, get on with it!

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