Here’s How Pakistanis Can be a Part of a Brilliant Cause and Win an Exciting Prize!

It’s about time we shed light on a major concern that may have been neglected in the past. What are you doing for the #First1000Days of your baby’s life?

Every mother is well determined when it comes her to children and wants the best for her them. But is there any forum where we discuss matters and educate our women about effectively taking hold of their child’s nutrition?

via Nestle

But now Pakistan took a major step forward; thanks to Nestle!

A whole initiative was set up on creating awareness about the #First1000Days of a child’s life. Since nutrition is the pivot of a child’s well-being, it remains the area of most significance. Every Pakistani woman needed to know just how the importance of the right kind of nutrition during the #First1000Days of a child.

Nestle brought us comprehensive information of how during the #First1000Days, nutrition plays an integral part for a child’s mental and physical growth. So, now you can imagine how important is to lay a strong foundation. Read more here.

Now it’s your turn to create awareness among people and hey, there’s something special to win just by doing that!

The word needs to get out. As individual members of the society, we need to broaden the horizon of awareness so that the good word reaches maximum people and the change can be effectively brought. After, it’s your future, Pakistanis!

So, all you need to do is…

Participate by recording or writing your idea on how to raise awareness for #First1000Days. You might take expert advice from your mum or just tell from your own experience.

Upload your message on Twitter by mentioning @SHSHPK in a tweet using the following hashtags: #GetInvolved and #First1000Days.

The more retweets and likes you get, the better are your chances to win.

Now the question: what is there to win?

Just by participating in getting an important message out to a whole community out there will get you to win an iPhone 7 and of course, you will have your idea implemented. For details, watch:

Remember, it all depends on how important your advice is and the more engagement you get… So, get going Pakistanis and play your part for the betterment of our society and our children.

Nestle has vowed to educate people, grow maximum awareness in this regard and now it’s our turn to further promote, after all, it’s our children who shall benefit tomorrow.

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