Here Is How You Can Earn Neki This Ramadan without Spending a Penny

It’s the month of Ramadan that brings the best chance to fill up your cradle of Nekiyaan. It’s exclusive about Ramadan that your enthusiasm to help people, make a difference in the society touches the sky. Generations have followed this beautiful tradition and as we have been blessed enough to make use of another month, it’s our chance to do good. Talk about an act of virtue, it can be monumental regardless how big or small it is. Perhaps we do not realize how certain little gestures can make a difference on an unimaginable scale. A certain act might be mere or little to you, but it can be relevant and integral in making someone else’s day.

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We call it “Neki” and our spirit in Ramadan invigorates us to collect as many. Piety, on one hand, is important, but what gets more salient and go down in making a vast difference is the service of humanity, looking after each other and making someone happy. It’s an amazing realization that you can simply unlock someone’s heart by certain little acts. It really does not matter how large you spend, how much you give away in charitable work or etc., as long as your spirit is alive and you have the sense of acting towards a purpose by joining your efforts. So, let me invite you towards the call of making someone’s day, share happiness and live the spirit of Ramadan!

Ramadan is about taking care of each other… Here’s how you can make a difference!

Have you ever given spare clothing to someone in need? Can you imagine the look of happiness on those people and the sheer content overwhelming you? Isn’t it the most amazing feeling on earth? It’s Ramadan and in a couple of weeks, we shall be having Eid. There couldn’t be a better chance than now to think about others, making them happy, making their Eid. You can simply put others before anything by donating clothes to the needy and unprivileged. How cool would be if everything is already been taken care and you just have to provide with the clothes?


Yes! The road to Neki has to be simple. Making someone’s day or any act of virtues does not entertain complications. You have a busy schedule and you want to keep your motivation to act intact, so, here’s the best way to act:

Surf Excel Pakistan have introduced a pickup service. Anybody, from anywhere in Pakistan can give a missed call to 90131 and the courier service M&Ps will make sure the donations are picked up from their doorstep.


We almost wish there’s a hassle-free procedure to carry out donations. We prioritize the authenticity and accountability of any platform and I’m sure, it does not get any simpler than this. It’s our time to make a difference; it’s our chance to donate.

Making a donation this way is impartial and that’s the best part about it. Everyone has to act in a particular way, and there are no differences. No matter how big or small your contribution, the idea is to enlighten a sense of purpose and revive an individual responsibility in ourselves. Our fellow Pakistanis continue to suffer today and we are always on the look of making lives better. It’s the month of Ramadan and we have the best chance, after all, #NekiEkIbadat hai.

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This selfless act of little Shahid will make you appreciate the true spirit of Ramazan.#NekiEkIbadat #OthersBeforeSelf #DirtIsGood

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I’m sure we all own stuff we no longer use. Considering it, we can give it away to someone who can actually make better use of it and which can certainly play a significant role in their happiness. So, let’s cherish others’ happiness this Ramadan by joining all efforts in this incredible step!

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