These Comic Memes About Footballers In Ramadan Will Leave You In Fits

If you’ve ever wondered how footballers would react if their life had Ramadan in it, then you CANNOT miss out on this!

Pakistanis are abysmal people, people who can do anything and get away with it, leaving the audience in fits of laughter. One such album surfaced on Facebook through Comics by Uzair.

Here are some hysterical memes that we’ve compiled from the Comic for you!

1. When your friend taunts you about drinking water while doing Wazzu..


Source: Comics by Uzair

2. When you come back from school after an extremely hot day and rush into the shower..


Source: Comics by Uzair

3. When Fahad Mustafa bachodifies people on his show and doesn’t give them anything in return..


Source: Comics By Uzair

4. When your Overly-Islamic father catches you watching Aamir Liaquat’s show and it ends with a ‘kaisa diya?’


Source: Comics by Uzair

5. When you go for namaz, come back, and somebody has eaten all your samosas..


Source: Comics By Uzair

6. When the girls are forced into the kitchen without their will..


Source: Comics By Uzair

7. When you square off in the middle of the day and both of you are fasting..


Source: Comics by Uzair

8. When you literally feel the love for the women in your family who prepare Sehri and Aftaari in the heat..


Source: Comics by Uzair

9. When the kids can’t wait for iftaar and are forced to mess around..


Source: Comics by Uzair

10. When you drink too much water iftaar and feel like a water tank..


Source: Comics by Uzair

10. When you just can’t take it anymore and make the “Ammmmiiii” face..


Source: Comics by Uzair

11. Aur iftaari ke baad bhi.. Kaka ke peit mein Kaka..


Source: Comics by Uzair

12. When an uncle taunts you in the mosque saying: “beta Ramadan ke ilawa bhi ajaya kero masjid…”


Source: Comics by Uzair

If it made you laugh or you could relate to the captions and the feelings, share it with your friends and football buddies!

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