Here’s Your Complete Guide For A Traveling Experience Which You Will Always Remember!

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Traveling from one place to another meeting close relatives, eating or hanging out together, taking pictures -selfies with different filters- don’t count as a travel experience at all.

If you want to visit a place and call it a travel, it needs some qualification to do so. Well, visiting a place gives you only a sightseeing experience and posting pictures on Social Media will surely give you some likes or comments but nothing more than that. A perfect travel experience can be broadly defined as below:

1. Only One Backpack:

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For guys, it will be all best Jeans and T-shirts are in the pack of a bag, whereas for girls – apart from their wardrobe selection, all branded cosmetic items. Listen, taking care of your looks is important, but traveling happens through passion not materials of such. Also the less you bring, the more space you have for cool souvenirs.

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2. Walk The Space Around: 

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The biggest benefit of traveling is the amount of movement. Get to know the space. I know people visit places on vacations and tend to find some rest but what’s good to learn and revolve around some new space which is different from home.

Always get to know the mood of the area, talk to the locals and most important feel the pulse of the environment by getting in by each bit of it, which is not possible if you are on any wheels, even bicycle.

Also, don’t feel bored while visiting old places which are been visited by every tourist that came to that place, go on excursion find some new places, snap them to share with friends, give them a more interesting place to visit than the usual visitors’ spots.

3. Take Pictures – But For Memories:

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Everybody is up to listen to your travel stories and eye shots of the atmosphere you feel, but one thing which clearly frustrates them by seeing those bundles of pictures on the different social medium using tiresome hashtags.

If you have short memory issue like me, so you are highly recommended to have pictures of all the travel history you have had, missing not a single moment, as pictures are fantastic, and great ways to stay in touch and update people about your journey.

4. Take a Memory With You:

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Even though your visit is itself a memory to yourself but still a travel always represented by the local memorials you take with you and keep in the house, just to have a remembrance on the wall or table as it can amaze you by flashing thoughts about your traveling experience in that area. Also, having a habit of collecting things from different parts of the planet is worth keeping.

5. Live a Life:

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Drop your way of life living in fancy hotels eating different international cuisines and adapt to the life of natives, be there with them and how the life there eat the home cook food with them. It is the best vacations recreational activity one can be blessed with.

6. Go For Some Allies: 

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The best part is always meet the locals and get to know the atmosphere there but one must have to find some allies who is in the same position like you, exploring the destination, interacting the other travelers will be cool as always.

Sharing of experiences with one who understand the wilderness for you and also can have plans for the next destination when the same passion meets. As I have experienced, vacations are not to be spent in the boring rooms and roaming in the fancy lounges, it is always on the road down to the valley.

7. Know Yourself:

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Eat which you never want to or do some scared thing, cross the limits set by your comfort zone. None can be memorable or a learning experience until you try something new beyond your limits. A truly memorable thing will teach something new about you, just to little shake yourself and you will have the more of the best in you.

Remember, don’t travel to show how cool you are but do travel to tell yourself that how much you care about YOU, as true travel memory always keeps in your mind flashbacks you in the stressful times and urges you to go for another T-R-A-V-E-L.

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