DG Khan Postman Is Distributing Pensions Despite Virus Scare

Coronavirus Postman Distribute Pensions

The coronavirus scare is might be big, but it is definitely not bigger than the spirit of the Pakistani nation. They have defeated many challenges in the past and they are facing the virus challenge with the same courage. A local postmaster is also setting one such example.

Malik Ghulam Sarwar, who works as postmaster in Dera Ghazi Khan, is out on the streets when everyone is in their homes and distributing pensions so that people don’t have to suffer when they need money the most. He didn’t even care about the bad weather and distributed pensions in rain. Sarwar is an employee of Pakistan Post.

When the country is busy honoring doctors and medical staff for their tireless efforts, such unsung heroes also need to be recognized and appreciated in whatever way is possible. People like Sarwar are not only risking their lives, they are showing the importance of professional responsibilities.

Coronavirus Postman Distribute Pensions

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The closure of businesses under lockdown is the worst thing to happen as the daily wagers are now struggling to survive. However, the coronavirus crisis has brought the best in Pakistanis as several local celebrities and sports personalities have also hopped onto the helping bandwagon, providing ration to the needy.

More than 1,200 coronavirus cases in Pakistan

Pakistan has more than 1,200 confirmed infections, the highest number in South Asia. Eleven people have died. Many parts of the country have imposed lockdowns, but authorities say they have struggled to get people to cooperate due to a lack of awareness.

Coronavirus Postman Distribute Pensions


Over 25,000 people have died from COVID-19 worldwide, while more than 551,000 infections have been confirmed in at least 170 countries. Over 127,000 people have recovered from the coronavirus.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and health experts, only by adopting and social distancing and washing hands frequently, the world can fight the deadly virus.


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