Punjab Police Give Heartwarming Guard Of Honour To Doctors & Nurses

Punjab police guard of honour to doctors

The annals of disasters exhibits, no catastrophe ended without positive implications. Meaning thereby, the COVID-19, though a disaster, will make one realize certain things. Doctors are the saviors of humanity, they are being admired and adored across the globe and in Pakistan for their efforts against the novel coronavirus.

Today, Punjab police gave a guard of honor to the doctors.

At the Mayo hospital Lahore, the agile troops of Punjab police gave an astounding guard of honor to the doctors. The viral video depicts, doctors at Mayo hospital standing and observing the guard of honor, presented by Punjab Police. Apart from Mayo, other hospitals of Lahore and adjacent areas too received a similar guard of honor from the police.

The whole world is realizing that our doctors and medics are a key force in this fight against coronavirus.

Punjab police guard of honour to doctors

Source: Twitter

The guard of Honour

Doctors, nurses, medical workers are the front line warriors against the lethal pandemic. In these times of despair, the whole nation is depending upon the doctors of the country. In the war against COVID-19, certain doctors are being affected. One doctor even died, in Gilgit, Pakistan.

Additional Inspector General Punjab Police Inam Ghani talked about the efforts of Punjab Police regarding Coronavirus

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People on social media platforms praised doctors and this heartwarming act of Punjab Police

Proud of Punjab Police

Doctors deserve this honor

Yes, it is awesome, a positive thing in a negative environment.

Indeed, they are

Undoubtedly, doctors are the ray of hope against the novel coronavirus. In Pakistan, where, medical facilities are meager, the administration is lackadaisical and is not hyperactive in these circumstances, the doctors are doing a cardinal effort to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

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