Cassandra De Pecol Travels 196 Countries Can't Forget Pakistan!

First Woman To Travel 196 Countries Can’t Forget Pakistan! This Is What She Said Now

Cassandra De Pecol becomes the first woman on earth to travel around 196 countries of the world. She holds a Guinness World Record for the particular milestone and has stunned everyone with her epic chronicles all around the world. She goes by the nickname, Cassie, and it was indeed really special when she visited Pakistan.

Team Parhlo had the chance to meet and greet Cassie when she came to Karachi; it was a pleasurable experience!

We are all travel junkies. We are all swamping of wanderlust. Stories like these just inspire us to do everything in our control to achieve our travel goals. I am absolutely sure most of us already have prepared a list of destinations we would like to visit in our travel sprees. Many of us are working towards that objective!

Cassandra De Pecol says she would go back to Pakistan “in a heartbeat”

Interviewers asked, “is there any place that took you by surprise? She replied:

You know there is Pakistan… I think. Most recently, there’s been a lot of situations in countries. The countries have been proving to be really surprising. Most recently and definitely is Pakistan! I like to talk about it because they have a certain image in the media. People think it is really dangerous and they would never go there but it’s a place where I always wanted to go.

Source: Asiatic PR

For some reason, I never believed it to be true – the danger factor of all these places. It’s like when I arrived there, I went to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and I was really taken into the arms of the people. They were just so smart. They were so kind, the food is amazing! They have different ecosystems.

I felt completely safe, even when walking around. I didn’t have to cover up like I did in Afghanistan. So, it was really, really a beautiful experience in pakistan and I would go back there in a heartbeat.

She put in an effort to recall the experience she had and put into words in such a beautiful way. She wanted her opinion to be heard and as a foreigner who visited Pakistan, she said the best thing. Just imagine how many people followed her journey and got to learn about Pakistan that must contrast with the general opinion.

We thank Cassandra De Pecol for visiting Pakistan and meeting us. Surely, it was a great experience and we hope we could serve her once again anytime soon!

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