These Pakistani Brick Laborers Have Become Tik Tok Celebrities & The World Loves It

These Pakistani Brick Laborers Have Become Tik Tok Celebrities & The World Loves It

Naseer Baloch 006 Tik Tok

The latest social media forum to pick up immense traction is Tik Tok. If you have a smartphone with a camera and are producing good content, there’s nothing that can stop you from becoming a celebrity.

Don’t believe it? Well, you will after you see the story of these two brick laborers. Meet Naseer Baloch and ‘Peeche Wala’ as they call him. These two brick kiln laborers from Sindh have become the latest social media sensations.

naseer baloch tik tok

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Their iconic ‘brick-breaking’ videos of ‘Main Shahi Hoon Iqbal Ka’ have gone so viral, that it has led to stardom. With over 2.1 million followers on Tik Tok, these laborers have raked in over 70 million likes on their videos.

Unbelievable? Believe it. From wearing torn clothes, full of mud, working at the brick kiln – Naseer and Peeche Wala have gone on to tour the country, be sponsored by brands, earn money, and make thousands of fans.

Here are some of their videos for you to enjoy

@naseer_baloch_006mere Sare dost mere sath hen ##sindhwale ##teambalochistan_1 ##team07up♬ original sound – Æzhâr khãñ

The iconic ‘Main Shahi Hoon Iqbal Ka’ celebration

@naseer_baloch_006dedicat by @hameed_baloch♬ original sound – Naseer Baloch

Mularka presented by these brick building beasts

@naseer_baloch_006Karwa sach @mr_sajjad__007♬ original sound – Arib_Reeba

Kings of producing emotional content, these guys

@naseer_baloch_006ak naw mesg ##sindhwale ##teambalochistan_1 ##team07up♬ Original Sound – Unknown

If you like religious content, they do that too

@naseer_baloch_006dunya Ka Malik Allah Pak he ##team07up ##teambalochistan_1 ##sindhwale♬ original sound – naseer_baloch_006

Creativity comes to these guys absolutely naturally

@naseer_baloch_006MERI. shairi vidio ##team07up ##sindhwale ##teambalochistan_1♬ original sound – AP Tamboli

Mimicry and acting is their forte…

@naseer_baloch_006fanny vidio ##teambalochistan_1 ##sindhwale ##team07up♬ original sound – safar Khan 006

They even have content related to coronavirus LOL

@naseer_baloch_0062021 kon aye GA jaldi ##team07up ##sindhwale ##teambalochistan_1♬ original sound – Naseer Baloch

Of course, the iconic ‘Main Shahi Hoon Iqbal Ka’ feat. Peeche Wala

@naseer_baloch_006men Pakistan hon##teamchulbulli ##team07up

♬ original sound – Naseer Baloch

With hundreds of videos on their Tik Tok page and Instagram account, Naseer Baloch and Peeche Wala have made thousands of fans. These fans then invite the duo to their cities and houses, treat them as guests, and also monetize their visits.

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From absolute nobodies to celebrities, the journey of Naseer and Peeche Wala is nothing short of remarkable. It also puts emphasis on how Tik Tok has become more than just an ordinary application. Imagine, two brick laborers who worked on daily wages, now earning millions of rupees through their content. It is nothing short of inspirational.

Not only in Pakistan, Naseer and Peeche Wala now have fans from across the world. A surreal story that deserves all the attention it can get. This is the epitome of wholesome content.

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