From Panamagate Case To Blasphemy Allegations: Imran Khan Is In Trouble Again

Yesterday, when the Sharif Family made an announcement about the replacement of their counsel representatives for Panamagate Case for the second time, Shah Mehmood Qureshi-senior leader of PTI entitled it as their victory. According to him, the ruling family did this stunt for taking more time. However, PTI has submitted more proofs against them.

The legal expertise are also considering the replacement of lawyers as the rise of tension and the nervousness in the ruling camp increases. By other means, they are admitting that PTI has put pressure on the Sharif family which made them turbulent.

After this great achievement of Imran Khan, his own words, his speech at the inauguration of Shaukat Khanum Hospital at Karachi has put him in the trouble.

When the video came under the notice of the religious clerics, they simply issued the “kufr ka fatwa” against Imran Khan and asked him to apologize or if he doesn’t, they will take serious steps.

Talking to a newspaper, Pir Muhammad Afzal Qadri said,

“If the leader doesn’t render an open apology, the organization will formally issue a religious edict, declaring him a ‘Wajib-ul-Qatal’ (liable to death). If the state fails to execute Imran Khan, it wouldn’t be a crime if any ‘aashiq-e-Rasool’ (lover of prophet P.B.U.H) kills him. He will be exempt from Qisas and Diyat (blood money), the blood of blasphemer – in this case, Imran Khan’s – has no worth compared to Prophet (PBUH).”

However, on Tuesday, 3rd of January, Imran Khan issued an apology for using an inappropriate choice of words that had stirred grievance among the religious clerics. He said, “It was a mistake, and I assure that it won’t happen ever again.” He released the particular statement during a press conference in Islamabad.

Recently, Qadri has also issued the same fatwa against Shan Taseer, the son of Salman Taseer who was slain by Mumtaz Qadri who was according to him “Ashiq e Rasool S.A.W.W”, because of his video message on “Christmas”

Where the Twitteratis are celebrating #ShaheedSalmanTaseer and #IamMumtazQadri today, another upheaval has made its place in the land of extremists on the same day, and this time we just hope that history won’t repeat itself.

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