These Saudi Women Had The Courage To Speak Up About Equal Rights Through This Video!

Detained women for not wearing abaya, calling driving haram in a country, barring women from entering Starbucks and what not, women in Saudi Arabia are being treated in a similar manner, much like the way they were treated 1400 years ago. With the world advancing at a pace that is extremely difficult to keep up with, women in Saudi Arabia cannot even progress to drive on their own. Conclusively, the country practices rules and regulations that force women to depend on their men.

Tired of this “guardianship system”, a bunch of brave Saudi women decided to step up and shed light on how they are deprived of basic equal rights in their country.

YouTube: Majedalesa - Hwage

YouTube: Majedalesa – Hwage

With the clip called “Hwages” which translates to Obsession in English, a group of women in Saudi Arabia are dancing, singing, playing basketball and skating their way through the tune that mocks the patriarchy system of the country.

 The video starts off with women sitting in the back of the car with a little kid sitting in the driver’s seat.

The ideology behind this video is to show how men in Saudi Arabia can do whatever they feel like, even allowing an underage boy to drive women here and there. The guardianship system rejects the idea of women doing anything on their own, even something as small as driving around the country.

Eventually, women are seen skating and cycling their way through the streets, saying statements like “May all men disappear from the earth. They give us psychological illnesses.” The video also shows how men can travel and do whatsoever they feel is okay to do and deprive women of their basic rights.

People all around the world are praising the work done by the director and the actors in this video, urging people to shed additional light on this matter.

Here’s the link to the amazing video:

Before you start the Islamic war, please keep in mind how discarding women from their basic rights is not what Islam preaches. These women are covered from head to toe, they ARE following the patterns implemented by Islam.


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