Best Moments From Urwa And Farhan’s Wedding Events

Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed are finally tied up in a matrimonial bond. After flaunting around together in their relationship, they got married on the 18th of December in Lahore.

Both Urwa and Farhan enjoy a significant reputation in the media and have amassed a lavish number of followers. Their bonding has come as a supreme delight for their fans. The couple spent days teasing their fans with their relationship and have become a social media sensation.

We have come across pictures after pictures in which the couple enjoyed a considerable amount of media attention. On 16th December, they finally got their Nikkah done and had a wedding shortly underway.

A couple stylish Dholkis followed a Nikkah ceremony at the wonderful Badshahi Mosque in Lahore. Then came a melodious Qawali Night on Friday.

Indeed the wedding turned out to be a glamorous event, filled with colors and a good number of renowned celebrities joining the occasion, as the following images bear testimony of the same:

Source: Daily Pakistan

Source: Daily Pakistan

Source: Daily Pakistan

Source: Daily Pakistan

Source: Daily Pakistan

Source: Daily Pakistan

As they treated their relationship as the heart of entertainment for their fans and followers, their wedding festivities have gone quite the same way as intended.

Seems like she likes to stay connected with her fans, allowing them a sneak peek before it’s show time.

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Not to forget Urwa’s sister, Mawra Hocane who also holds a prominent figure amid all this. Here you can enjoy her as she dances in glee and pleasure of seeing her sister wed.

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So, here she joins… Now you have them both dancing. The beat has been dropped and nobody hesitates. Wonder if she feels uncomfortable dancing in her wedding dress; so much for the sake of dancing.

There you have em’! The moment all their fans have been longing to see. This is probably the culmination of all the moments they have teased in the past. From Paris to Badshahi Mosque and to here now, finally…

Urwa and Farhan Saeed have finally plighted their troth to each other. We wish them the very best of future and may Lord garner His eternal blessings on both of them.

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